Tuesday, October 6, 2015

The Tuesday Platform

Welcome to The Imaginary Garden...

It is never the wrong day to share a word in favour of peace in our time. Dame Helen Mirren reads Attack by Siegfried Sassoon, in support of the Peace One Day campaign (2009).

Greetings to all poets. Tuesday is Open Link day here in the Garden. All are welcome to participate by sharing a poem of their own choice, something freshly ground or taken from storage. Please take the time to visit the links of your fellow poets.


  1. I do not normally crosspost from dVers , but I felt I needed to share my haibun from our monthly feature Haibun Monday... I think even haiku can be appreciated when juxtaposed to poetic prose.

  2. Hey toads, I have a couple of new drafty poems but in honor of theme will put up one more about peace or lack thereof. Sad world right now. K.

  3. Hi everyone. I've uploaded a poemonologue. Enjoy, as much as one can.

  4. What a poem! What a reading of it! Thanks.

  5. "Lord Jesus, make it stop." He will someday, in God's time.
    I like this poem, I'll find a printed copy. I won't watch a war movie but the poem tells of war like I think it is. I spent five years in our US Army, I am glad I didn't have to go fight.

    I enjoyed writing my 'poem' for your unprompted day. I started yesterday, after bedtime, but didn't get it finished until about an hour ago.

  6. Kerry--I am double-dipping, sorry--I'm hoping that's not a problem so late in the cycle--(feel free to delete link if it is). K.


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