Thursday, November 23, 2017

Creature Comforts

With the advent of the colder weather where I live, my children have taken to donning fleecy onsies, called kigurumi, when they are staying home and relaxing.

Not actually my children, but you get the idea.

Once I got done giggling at teenagers wearing the same pjs I bought for them a decade ago, I had to admit maybe they were on to something. Full body fleece is pretty darn sensible for the Philly 'burbs in November. And what's wrong in indulging in some creature comforts that make your inner child smile?

For today's Toad's prompt, I invite you to write about something simple that gives you comfort. It could be a favorite little ritual, like an afternoon cup of tea. It could be about your favorite comfy jeans or sneakers. It could be about just being able to sleep in. Remember, the poems should be new, created to fit this prompt. Be sure to check out your fellow poet's work as well, and don't be shy about starting some discussions in the form of thoughtful, constructive commentary. 

In the meanwhile, I think I'll browse kirugumi websites and see if I can find a fun onesie for myself. 


  1. I just showed this to my Piano Man and now he has a malicious glint in his eyes. I suspect I will be getting a frog or skeleton onsie for Yule. Or anything with a hammer... maybe Rocket Raccoon, lol.

    The prompt gave the giggles. Gracias, woman!

  2. Loved the prompt, Rommy!💘 Sharing my poem 'The Consolation of Plums.' Happy Thursday, everyone!💘

  3. @Magaly I know I've seen skeletons and frog ones before and I'm very sure character ones exist. Max has a Chewbacca onsie, but I've seen Deadpool and Captain America versions too.

    @Sanaa, I'm glad you could play along today. Have a happy Thursday! <3

  4. Happy Thanksgiving, Poets! Thanks for the prompt, Rommy!

  5. Love this prompt. As usual, I didn't quite follow the rules, and I didn't write what I set out to write - my muse has been quite headstrong these days :)

  6. Onesies, Yeah! Happy Thanksgiving and hope all will have a beautiful day!

  7. My Onepiece is too worn to wear... this sounds like a good replacement.

  8. Hi Rommy! Happy Thanksgiving 😊. Great prompt.
    I chose the subject of comfort.

  9. An excerpt from my new children's book 'Third Planet from The Sun' fits this prompt nicely

    Happy Thanks giving to those whose celebrate

    much love...

  10. I LOVE onesies, and SO wish I had one, to make my forays into the building's basement laundry room startling to other tenants, but mostly for the cozyness.


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