Tuesday, January 2, 2018

The Tuesday Platform

Greetings to all poets, wayfarers and friends. We're saying goodbye to 2017 and welcoming 2018, bidding goodbye to the past year while ushering in the new. Today, I resolve to be happy and form an invisible force against woe and difficulties. Moreover, I would make sure to etch compassion and kindness little by little each day upon the world so as to make it a better place.  

I came across this glorious poem by Alfred Lord Tennyson and  knew that it would be absolutely perfect to share with you guys. The opening stanza alone sent chills down my spine as I read through and pictured despair flying out the window. Click here to read 'In Memoriam, [Ring out, wild bells]' Hope you guys enjoy reading it as much as I did.

If you have any thoughts to share, ideas you wish to release into the wild or a world view to express, then you have come to the right place. Please share a poem of your choice and enjoy the company of your fellow scribes. We look forward to reading you and hope you have a wonderful day ahead.



  1. The "Ring out, wild bells" is still appropriate for today. I enjoyed reading it, thank you Sanaa. Dispair flying out the window? When I'm in despair I seem to consider me flying out the window, an upstairs one.

  2. Happy new year, Sanaa! Loved 'In Memoriam, [Ring out, wild bells]' - an apt poem reflecting life. I chose to write about the indestructible nature of love.

  3. I also took the cheeky liberty of sharing my poem-turned-song that was released yesterday. It gave voice to my musings and regrets of last year. I hope you enjoy it!

  4. Happy 2018, Sanaa! We're already on the 2nd day of the new year and I'm hoping this will be a better year fro everyone.

  5. I added a newyear poem myself, and I'm well aware of the Tennyson poem... it's read every year from Stockholm at midnight in Radio and TV... every Swede know the first lines of that poem (in translation)... Here is a really old version

  6. @Jim; Thank you so much, so glad you enjoyed it!💞

    @Vivian; Thank you so much for joining us today!💞

    @Kim; Happy New Year!💞 So good to see you!😊

    @Bjorn; That's amazing!💞 Thank you for sharing!😊

  7. Happy New Year to all. My poem celebrates some simple joys.

  8. Happy New Year, Toads. Hope your heads have cleared by now :)

  9. @Rosemary; Happy New Year!💞

    @Cressida; Yo! Back at ya!💞

    @Timoteo; Good to see you!💞

  10. A great way to start the year off, Sanaa! Happy New Year to all.

  11. Oh, I love '"In Memoriam, [Ring out, wild bells]." Seems to have been written for this day, this age.

  12. The day Tennyson died, the bells rang out all over England, honoring the poet who wrote so much about the legacies we leave behind. A wonderful poem. And Happy New Year to the Toads. May you all be blessed with plenty, joy, and poetry.

  13. Happy New Year, toads! Thanks, Sanaa, for this post!

  14. I’m so glad to embrace the new year in the imaginary garden with my fellow poets! Thank you Sanaa for your jolts of enthusiasm and inspiration not only now but throughout 2017 as well.

  15. @Sherry; Happy New Year to you too!💞
    @Little learner; Glad you liked it!💞

    @Toni; Happy New Year! Wishing you peace💞
    @Susie; Happy New Year! Good to see you!💞

    @Angie; Aww gosh! Thank you so much!💞
    @Kerry; Happy New Year, good to see you!💞


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