Thursday, March 22, 2018

You and Me

Hello, Toads! Marian here with your occasional music prompt. Get ready! 

Last week, I was truly lucky to be able to take my family to see Alice Cooper. I have to say, of course I’ve known Alice Cooper songs for my entire life but it never occurred to me that I would see him live. It just wasn’t on my radar screen at all until the past year or so, when my son Jack started to really get into him. When we learned he was coming to Boston, we scored tickets for the family that Jack received in his Christmas stocking. And I am so grateful!

This show was truly, absolutely amazing and completely inspiring. Alice Cooper is now 70 years old and I hope he keeps playing and performing until he’s 80. Or longer! He puts on such an incredible show, I mean wow, so much energy! And I am so happy to be a new fan of the younger woman guitarist who plays with him, Nita Strauss. I am overwhelmed by how awesome she is!

Here is a link to a video of the encore from the show we attended in case you are interested. I did not take this video, we were in the balcony, but it's great:
SCHOOL’S OUT at the Wang Theatre in Boston 3-6-18

Okay, enough already. Obviously I'm a fangirl and am incapable of focusing on any other artist right now, so let’s all listen to this great, beautiful, classic ballad and write poems about 

sharing a bed, some lovin’ and TV 


  1. Good morning, friends! Don't be afraid to click on the video... this is one of the most perfect and beautiful love songs ever penned. Let's write some love poems!

    I will be mostly out of pocket but will try to check in here during the day when possible. If you don't see me commenting immediately, it's not for lack of interest :) and I will be around soon.

    XOXOOXX to all of you! M.

  2. Thank you for the prompt - another example of a poem I wouldn't have written without inspiration or a nudge!

  3. What a great combo! Thanks, Marian.

  4. Loved the prompt, Marian!💞 Sharing my poem 'Across the miles'... Happy Thursday everyone!💞

  5. A great prompt,Marian. Looking forward to reading all the offers today😊

  6. I've seen Alice Cooper in the past he puts on a great show!! He never disappoints and his songs are as good today as ever.

    Nice prompt, Marian, I'm happy to be able to join in today. Group hug!

  7. Happy Thursday great prompt Marian. And music video

    much love...

  8. I love the Coop. He's from my neck of the woods.

  9. Music inspiration... this one I will write on after listening to Mr Cooper myself... I know that I will know his songs.

  10. I actually found tender in Alice. :) Thanks for the prompt.

  11. Alice is very tender! :)
    I'm so pleased to see all these responses. Sorry to be late, I'll be around to read all of your poems on Saturday... work has me, well, working instead of reading and writing. Can't wait to visit you all and catch your inspiration.

  12. Sorry I'm late to the party, Marian! We listen to Nights with Alice Cooper on Planet Rock - my husband has always been a huge fan. I could only manage a shadorma and couldn't squeeze in a bed!

  13. I'm jealous, Marian. We hardly ever make it to concerts, I can count them on less than my ten fingers. So it's TV and tadio for us. I liked his "You and me" song a lot. Today when I can use my computer (old Galaxy 5 smart phone now) I may copy the words on. Thank you for this nice prompt.


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