Monday, April 9, 2018

Waiting for...........

Image copyrighted: Isadora Gruye Photography

Hiya Garden Dwellers, Izy here to kick off week two of our poems in April prompt-a-thon. And of course…my prompt will bring you a little out of the standard.

Waiting for                                    

This prompt at face value may seem simple. 

Write a poem about waiting, but don’t tell us what you’re waiting for in the poem. There are so many possibilities, which one will you not tell us about? 

That's it. The platform is yours. The mic is warm.

Keep in mind
Like every challenge, your poem must by newly written and not one which you have previously written which conveniently fits the theme.

So go now, my muddy buddies, and bring us back something shiny and new.


  1. An excellent challenge, Izy. This is my last day off, so as from tomorrow, I'll be waiting for the weekend to catch up.

    Good luck for week 2 everybody.

  2. Clever prompt. This was fun. Thanks.Good luck with week 2 all x

  3. Brilliant challenge, Izy. A short one to start the week!

  4. Thanks Izy! A great prompt. Have a good week ahead, toads!

  5. This was quite a challenge, Izy!💜 Day 9! Phew!☕

  6. A waiting of faith and ages today folks

    much love...

  7. I think your photo of a statue fgot in my head, though my statue is different. Out Of Standard is always a kick.

  8. "got", not "fgot". Sausage Fingers strikes again.

  9. Thank you, Izzy. I haven't written for you for quite some time. This is a fine prompt, fun to write.

  10. Our power was out till afternoon. I might have penned a poem about waiting for it to go back on, but went in another direction.

  11. Hello, Fellow Lily Dwellers! Thanks, Isadora, for the prompt! See you on the poetry trail!

  12. Hi Izzy! thanks for the wonderful prompt - hardly as simple as it might seem, but certainly worth some effort for the play.

    Happy wording to all - Day 10 approaches, if it hasn't already arrived for you. And I'm behind on reading + comments - I hope to catch my breath and up in the next few days. Please bear with me in this "poetic insanity" (I've never made it through the entire 30 days - yet - but I'm gonna try.)


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