Thursday, April 11, 2019

Song prompt - The News from Your Bed

Hey Muddy Buddies,'s midweek, almost mid month. On the North Plain winter has cooked up a late spring snowstorm. I am fighting every urge to build a pillow fort and stay under covers for the rest of the year, and I know some of you feel that way too.

Todays prompt is for my pillow fort folk.  A little jam that may get us grooving out of our funk, hopping out of our padded palaces, and push words on to the page. Non-pillow fort folk, you can also welcome to participate or bring us cookies.

The song
Bishop Allen is an indie art school band with a few big hits under their belts. Their mostly acoustic sound is bright, melodic, with a sprinkle of self doubting franticness. Their song "The News from Your Bed" is an homage to how much fun you can have without leaving the flat - sort of. Give it a listen.

The prompt
Write a poem using a phrase or line of lyrics from The News from You Bed. If you didn't like the song or find it particularly inspiring, feel free to write a poem about the news from your own bed (or pillow fort). 

Go now Garden Dwellers and bring us back something shiny and new. 


  1. Being a little hard of hearing, and what with American accents sung fast, I couldn't make out all the words of the song, so just fastened on one of the phrases I could distinguish. Which, after all, was all that was required. We're certainly being kept on our toes this month, but it's all good.

    And then, to complicate matters, I've just come across this new (to me, but actually ancient) form which I thought I'd like to try – before I realised the full difficulty of it ... but anyway, Day 11 gets a poem of sorts, and so far I haven't skipped a day. Yay!

  2. Like Rosemary, am still going as of Day 11. Oh yeah!

  3. An intriguing prompt, Izy. I enjoyed the song - not sure mine is entirely on point but here it is.

  4. These "Make a poem,story, or flash writing" first or certain line prompts are fun. I veered to book titles instead of lines.

  5. I have nev√łer heard of this band before- thanks for sharing! And great prompt as well. Thanks Izy.

  6. Thank you for the prompt, I had never heard this artist before. I enjoyed the song and with give your challenge a whirl. :-)
    (I can't believe I missed yesterday!)

  7. Ha, timely prompt. I woke up at three a.m. and my poem poured out. Thanks, Izy. Warning: it is a total downer.

  8. Love the prompt! I had fun with it.

  9. Poems seem to be getting shorter as the month moves along... I KNOW I seem to be dumping and not visiting, but my days have been packed lately and I'm writing just before midnight... I have a few hours slotted to visit and catch up tomorrow (Friday) and Saturday on all this challenge and the past ones in April...


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