Friday, November 9, 2012

Transforming Friday

Real toads and poetic pond peeps!!

Hi! It’s Hannah with your fourth round of ecoregion exploration and a call to stretch your poet-voices to express the point of view of wildlife that inhabits the Temperate Forest.

Ideally each of us will claim a new non-human pov and embody the beingness of the plant or animal life of this region.

So, being a creature of habit I’m bringing you an excerpt from my deliciously old-smelling, “ “Classics Edition of the World Atlas-Hammond 1967,” which reads as follows...Temperate Forest: Over half of the world’s population lives and works in the regions of the temperate broadleaf forests which comprise only 7% of the world’s land, including parts of the United States, Europe, China and Japan. The climate here is invigorating, characterized by changeable weather, warm summers and frosty winters.

The main trees found in these forests are oak, ash, maple, birch, beech, poplar, elm and pine. In many areas, forests have been cleared to make way for cultivation. Hardwood evergreen trees which are widely spaced and are found in the Mediterranean region are olive, cork, oak and stone pine, (for more visit Wikipedia -Temperate Forest).

(Wikipedia:The Angel Oak Tree in South Carolina/Author=DannyBoy7783 (talk))

Wow!! Just look at this tree! They’re amazing aren’t trees.

Shrubs and flowers grow there as well. One of my favorites is there...fiddleheads.

(Wikipedia: A fern unrolling a young frond Athyrium filix-femina Author=Rror)

Here’s an image list of the plant and animal wildlife found in the Temperate Forest, (remember to check the copyrights before you post though).  

A few beauties that live in the forest...

(Wikipedia: Bald Eagle in the Skagit valley, Washington, USA.

Such a regal creature..

(Wikipedia: Alaska Brown Bear, Hallo Bay, Katmai National Park, Alaska Author= Flickr by Marshmallow)

Imagine walking a mile in his or her paws!

Also feel free to address elements of global importance, if you like, such as extinction, forest fires or as mentioned earlier forest clearing to make way for cultivation.

Link a brand new work today....enjoy yourselves and remember to visit your forest friends!!

Smiles and happy weekend to ALL!


  1. I always love this post, Hannah. I learn so much and love to visit all the links you leave for us.

  2. Oh, I love this tree and all the animals! I love nature...and I love fiddleheads~ lol

    A great prompt :D

  3. I love this challenge, Hannah. I love animals and birds and trees and lakes and rivers...
    My father wrote books about rivers. Maybe I'll...well, I'll see what comes out, won't I?

  4. Well, Hannah, i have had some scraps in my notebook for days now trying to make something of them--thank you for giving them a shape to fill here--though I'm not sure it's exactly the one the prompt is asking for--but hopefully, close enough. I have a ton of bulbs to plant today before the weather turns ugly, so will be back later tonight.

  5. I always love your challenges, Hannah. I shall return!

  6. You got me going this morning, Hannah!

  7. I hope I followed the directions close enough. Thank you!

  8. Aww all of your comments make my day!! I'm so glad you all like this...I really have such a fun time putting the posts together for you guys!!

    Thank you all for playing's fun to write from different pov I think...hope you all enjoy it also.

    I'm on the dinner and putting kids to bed mission and then I'll be back to read those who've posted so far...I can't wait!! :)'s

  9. Temperate forests are where my heart is at home. Thanks so much for this prompt!

  10. Hannah, I sort of cheated on the subject, but it still involves nature! Had wanted to write about this for a long time... and thanks to Sherry, because if I hadn't visited her blog, I would not have read her poem on Standing People, nor would I have been at this prompt! Peace, Amy

  11. I think I stayed close to the theme, I did my best and I will check out everyone else's tomorrow morning.

  12. Wow! Did you really take these pictures? They are amazing!

  13. I love nature...I have a tiny wooded space behind my home and it is full of wildlife. I have spent many hours watching the life there.

  14. I can't wait to read these...didn't have internet for almost 24hrs...I had withdrawals...

  15. My birth and life are in the temperate zones, Hannah. I haven't time to write to this prompt now, but will carry it with me until I do.

  16. I haven't forgotten you, Hannah. I am still working on this.

  17. I really enjoyed this prompt, thanks Hannah.
    Emma from llm calling

  18. I always tend to struggle when trying to write about nature, but I think this one fits the prompt, at least it comes pretty close. Always such informative postings, I learn so much!

  19. Hi Everyone! I went for a lovely walk in the forest this weekend, which inspired a poem. Thank you for the lovely prompt and post, Hannah! This is my first time participating :)

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