Thursday, June 5, 2014

Lost Art

Happy, Happy Friday Toads!!! Its Herotomost with a Friday challenge for real this time. Can't flub this up two months in a row or I will be in danger of being exiled from the Garden for good. So I will be on my very best behavior, I will not create this challenge in my underwear and I will make sure it gets posted on time. It has been 108-111 degrees here the last week, so anything I can do inside in the air conditioning is a welcome task.

Today I want to talk about the long lost art of letter writing.  My daughter (8) has ben on a jag of letter writing lately, not sure why or how it came about, but she has been writing letters to everyone she knows and sending them.  It got me to thinking how good it feels to get something in the mail that is not a bill, a flyer or some magazine that you don't remember ordering. There is something personal about a letter that can't really be duplicated by email, text or phone conversation.  I think part of it has to do with the being able to take your time, say what you want in unabbreviated terms and the fact that taking the time to do it seems just a little special.

For the challenge, I want to write a piece that mimics the tone or form of a letter to someone.  It can be anyone.  It can be a love letter, a correspondence to the local utility company, a letter to your Great Uncle Ned, an angry letter to your senator, I don't care but be creative with it. Put in those personal touches for which you Toads are so famous.  If you want a little extra twist to the challenge, you can write the letter to one of your writing friends here in the blogosphere and when you are finished, you can stick it in an envelope, stamp it and send.  Think of the warm fuzzy you will give them when they open it and you make them think that you are stalking them. And if your wondering if your toad friends are worth the cost  of a stamp, just think back to all the wonderful support and wonderful writing they have brought you over your stay here in the Garden.

With that I will bid you a fantastic weekend filled with family and friends or rest and relaxation.  Love you all and hope this Challenge finds you well!


  1. I love letter writing-in fact this art led me to write more in other forms-great prompt Thank you

  2. i wrote this because my child Jules is in his autumn days here with me. i think he would write me this letter.

    i wrote letters to my mamasita in her last days where my sister would read them to her. i stopped when my sister said she had lost cognition.

    it is a lost art and cathartic

    gracias Herotomost for these imaginings

  3. Well, I'm going to write my response in my underwear . . .

  4. Great challenge, Corey--have to see if anything bubbles up--the cauldron is pretty cold these days, but ever so often a bit of femur or bat's-wing floats to the top. I will be back, if so.

  5. Reading moving poems by Shay, Anjum and Marco makes me wish I'd picked another topic, but today is ego-day, and here I am. Thank you, Corey, for a prompt that invites vulnerability.

  6. Dear Corey,

    The art of letter writing (the act) is fast fading. Thank you for the lovely challenge.



  7. Our problem is fixed, Corey. I am sorry, it took a while until I could get at my computer. Some things are too tough for me on an iPad.

    I liked the challenge, it was good practice for me to write a letter again. It will be interesting to see what people come up with.

  8. What a timely challenge for me, Hero...thank you.

  9. Corey--I ended up taking this in a very different place than I anticipated but I hope that is okay . Thanks for the great prompt. K.

  10. Lovely prompt! Late to the party here, but still had to attend... We all need to write more letters, I think, but this prompt took a bit of another direction for me.

  11. Hey Corey, Here's my letter from Africa!

  12. Corey,

    I am late to the garden party. Please accept my apology.



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