Monday, June 16, 2014

Open Link Monday

Welcome to the Imaginary Garden...

Laughing Bumblebee Orchid Source

My daughter, Caitlin, sent me this link a few days ago. She thought the amazing Flowers that look like something else would be perfect for the Imaginary Garden. While I was trying to chase down photo credits, I came across another blog post, Orchids that look like animals, which is also worth perusing. I have attempted to give accurate credit for these photos, but it is often difficult to track down their origins. No infringement of copyright is intended in displaying them on Real Toads.

Parrot Flower (Impatiens Psittacina)
 These flowers have made me think about the way we view the world, and the things in it. We see shapes in clouds and birds in flowers - even a mountain range may look like a sleeping giant or a tree trunk like a man. The way we are continually engaging our imaginations to make sense of things is astounding. Of course, this must naturally translate to art and poetry, as we attempt to capture our points of view and give colour and word to our creative thoughts.

Do you have a poem to share with us today? We would love the opportunity to read your latest piece, or to be afforded the chance to read something from your archives which we may have missed. Please link up a poem of your choice and take some time to visit the blogs of other writers.


  1. Good Morning, Kerry and the Toads. I am just on my way to bed but posted my link first. This is of my attempt yesterday at writing a "Yeats Octave." It was late and no one has read it so will put it here for another try.

    I like your animal-like-looking flowers. I see the giraffe plainly in the first and the love birds 'necking' in the second. Am I correct?

  2. hi Kerry ... these flowes do spike our imgaination... i see a laughing bumble bee in the frst one ... i think the trick also lies partly in the photography!! :)
    I am linking an old poem i wrote when i had merely started my blog ... i hope you like it!! :)

  3. They are really shape-shifters in hiding, don't you think? My poem is still shifting its shape, as it wants its simple idea to sound more profound. Thanks for the challenge. Have a great week Kerry and Toads.

  4. These are very funny. We do have minds, oif course, that want to put things in categories we know. But there are also plenty of likenesses! A lot if fun, thanks.

    I found your poem terribly moving, thanks. K.

  5. I've always been fascinated by what a flower/plant might say if it had a voice everyone could understand... or what we--humans--would say/feel if the roles were switched.

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  7. Good morning, Toads. I am piggy-backing on Hannah's cool new form this morning, woke up with her first line in my head. A happy sunny Monday to you all!

  8. Good morning, Toads. I am piggy-backing on Hannah's cool new form this morning, woke up with her first line in my head. A happy sunny Monday to you all!

  9. hello, Toads! hope everyone is well. i've been having such a hard time writing anything lately... maybe you'll all think this one isn't worth linking. i have some notes for Kerry's Yeats challenge but it hasn't come together yet. keep your fingers crossed! xoxox M

  10. The laughing bumble bee orchid is fantastical! Thanks for a place to share our poetry...hope you don't mind i used your blogspot title as inspiration for my silly poem :)

  11. LynneDiane, I cannot comment on your poem because I cannot log in with any of the three choices on offer there. Neat poem.

  12. Thank you, Sherry...I'm so thrilled you enjoyed it!!

    Happy week to everyone...see you all soon. :)


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