Thursday, August 25, 2016

Little Tiny

I’m thrilled today to introduce my Garden friends to my in-real-life friend and truly lovely songwriter and person BRANDI EDISS. Yay! Brandi moved here just over a year ago and my life--really the whole valley in which we reside--is dramatically improved by Brandi’s presence. She writes and performs super-purty songs and has a tremendous skill for portrait photography, among other talents.

Been thinking about sharing this song "Little Tiny" in the Garden for quite a while and I feel certain that it will receive a warm reception from you all. I can relate to the vulnerability and feelings Brandi bravely sings about here, and I think many of you might as well.

Click around Brandi’s YouTube page for more great and often festive offerings (for example, my favorite of her originals is "This Is My Stupid Boyfriend"). Brandi is working on recording her first CD Bees and Bees and Bees, to be released later this year. Enjoy!

And oh yeah, this is a poetry prompt! Your task today is to be inspired by Brandi’s song to write your own verse on the subject(s) of being and/or feeling alone, building walls, glockenspiels and jingle bells, cliches and replays, or anything else "Little Tiny" brings up for you.

Listen * Be Inspired * Write * Share


  1. Music as inspiration - I'll be happy to participate! Thank you for introducing us to your musical friend. May she have success in recording and sharing her album! ;)

  2. Though challenging I do love the musical prompts... Will get back with a poem tomorrow

  3. Thank you Marian. I adore these musical challenges.

  4. LOVE her voice!! My cup of tea. Thanks. I'll come back when I'm done drinking it in. Thanks for the introduction to your talented friend

  5. Good Thursday to all here, a spate of thunder sent my heart thumping, the sun is out now and bright is the afternoon

    Thanks for a nice prompt Marian

    much love...

  6. Okay, well I will be ordering her cd for sure...please tell us when it is available, won't you, Marian? My fave kind of voice and song........

  7. What an amazing song... I just love everything about it. It made me feel so sad, and watching that great cloud get closer and closer through the windscreen of the car seemed like such a metaphor for how I feel completely swamped in my own life right now... Phew!

  8. Been busy all day... but better late than never... such splendid melancholy..

  9. Lovely song and singer, Marian, thanks.


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