Thursday, February 15, 2018

Love Hurts

Yesterday was Valentine's Day. Some people love all the roses, cards and chocolate, and some people go into the psychological equivalent of diabetic shock at what they feel is a synthetically saccharine holiday. For today's challenge, I want you to explore the later idea. Play along by offering your poetic thoughts on Hallmark Holidays, or just simply contribute a poem that touches on the darker side of love (heartbreak, jealousy, etc.) As always, this should be a new piece, created for this prompt. Please visit your fellow Toads and see what they have to say as well.


  1. What are these "roses and cards" you speak of.
    I'm diabetic, but I do give myself chocolate. Now, excuse me while I go shoot up some insulin.
    (I actually am diabetic. I'm not ridiculing a serious disease. On the other hand, sometimes I ridicule said serious disease because it pisses me off to have to live with it, and laughing at it helps.)

  2. delicious prompt - something to counter the saccharine Valentine

  3. Gosh. This would be completely new subject matter for me. ;-)

  4. Cackling at Shay's comment. I think we both have our doctorate in this subject matter. I will be back. Am so happy to be home! Yay!

  5. 13+45 years of marriage + 10 of freedom equal 68 years experience. Not sure what all I learned though I remember my teachers well. Does that qualify also for my PhD? Nice promt also, Rommy.

  6. Great prompt Rommy. Perfect for today.

  7. LOL, thanks everyone! I created this prompt for purely selfish reasons. I know I'm comfortable writing passionate love poetry, but I wanted to challenge myself to see if I could write about heartbreak. I'm excited to see what you all come up with!

  8. @Cara - I understand the need to joke. My husband was recently diagnosed with diabetes, and jokes (as well as a diet strongly reduced of carbs) is how he's handling things.

    @Kim - Woot!

    @Telltaletherapy - Excellent! I know some people aren't crazy about the 14th of February

    @Fireblossom - You were the first person I thought of after I created the prompt!

    @Toni - I figured it might be fun to take this angle after being inundated with pink candy hearts everywhere

    @Sherry - yay for home!

    @Jim - it's definitely proof of lots of higher learning!

  9. Love the prompt... and will come back with a poem tomorrow (I hope)

  10. don't know if minei s dark -- it's more of a not-so Prince Charming after the ball song
    MNL (Cactus Haiku)

  11. Great prompt. Late to the party. Life just going that way right now.

  12. I am sorry I am so late to the not quite true love fiesta, Rommy, but I couldn't miss this prompt. I'm not good for very much these days, so please bear with my monologues.



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