Tuesday, March 6, 2018

The Tuesday Platform

Hello fellow poets and poetry lovers. The beginning of March is certainly living up to it's reputation here in the Northeast USA - it's roared in like a lion. We're coming out from under one very fierce snowstorm and expecting another in a few days. We'll see if the end of March mellows out like it's supposed to, but in the meanwhile I'm enjoying the ferocious hot funk in Janelle Monae's latest musical offering.

Do you have any fierce thoughts to share? Submit a poem, new or old, to inspire everyone in our pond in the link below. Don't forget to see what your fellow poets have created this week. If you like something, don't keep it to yourself. Conversation and constructive feedback in the comments section is always welcome.


  1. Sharing my 55-worder from last week. Thanks, Rommy.

  2. played with dVerse this week and am posting a haibun here as well. thanks! I'll be back to visit and comment.

  3. I'm also sharing my Haibun from yesterday... :-)

  4. Posted a cherita
    Happy Tuesday; may the weather be kind to you

    much love...

  5. Just getting back into writing after days of serious family illness - things are looking brighter now though I am hard pressed for time to visit others when visiting my husband in hospital.

  6. Rommy, we're having Spring here along the Texas Golf. You can read my writing to give you hope and perhaps a little cheer.

  7. Thanks for hosting, Romney. Mine are musings from observing life.

  8. Hiho Toads! Bipolar weather here - sunny and warm one day, cold and snowy the next. Hope all of you are well. I am sharing a haibun from dVerse as well as some others are doing.

  9. Well, the storm is supposed to visit us today. Rumor has it that it will stay for at least 6 inches. We'll see..., as you might suspect, I had to celebrate my Gabo.

    Happiest Tuesday, everyone!

  10. Good morning everyone! Our autumn has started wet and soggy – but oh how we need the rain, and the cooler temperatures it has brought!

    I'm sharing the second in a new series of "persona poems" I'm working on.

  11. Oops, sorry – I put the wrong link in initially, to the first of the series, which people gave seen already.

  12. @ Kerry - Woot! Glad to read it. :)
    @ Margaret & Bjorn - cool. I like reading other haibuns to study how they are done. :)
    @ Gilena - thanks, I sure hope it stays kind
    @telltaletherapy - no worries. I hope that everything turns out well for your family.
    @Jim - Aw! Thanks!
    @Vivian - eek on that typo! But I look forward to reading your piece. :)
    @Timoteo - I'm from the Philly 'burbs. Yo back 'atcha. :)
    @Toni - hopefully the bipolar spell will die down
    @Magaly - I had a feeling you would celebrate him. Delighted to read it as always.
    @Rosemary - well it's new to me, and I don't mind double posts, so I shall allow it and read both. :)

  13. Happy Wednesday, Toads! Thanks, Rommy!

  14. A day late and a dollar short. Still I've been thinking of this one. Thinking of fierce reminds me of Lurch because he looked fierce but was very sweet.
    Mary (cactus haiku)

  15. @Frank and Mary - better late than never. Glad you got to play along.


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