Thursday, April 26, 2018

A list with a twist

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Greetings Garden Dwellers!  

I’m here with an Out of Standard challenge to keep the momentum going as the end of April approaches.

Today, we’ll visit a common form called the list poem, and we’ll put a teeny twist to it just to keep things interesting.

What is a list poem? 

A list poem is simply that. A list or inventory of items, people, places, or ideas. They often involve repetition.  

From Walt Whitman to Dr. Seuss, poets have used the list format as a way to break free of traditional expectations and conjure forth some powerful work.

Your challenge…

Write a list poem of five.  Five of anything.  Five things you need at the grocery. Five people who got exactly what they had coming. Your five favorite things overheard on the street. Five things you haven’t been able to throw away.  You get the point.  The mic is warm.  The stage is yours. 


  1. List poems are my favorite types of poem... I will come back with something later.

  2. Replies
    1. List poems are also my favorite. I will start working on this. Thank you!

  3. They are usually not my favourites at all – but this time the prompt gave me a good excuse for something I've been wanting to poeticise. The twist was the thing! Thank you.

  4. You shouldn't encourage me like this.

  5. A countdown poem of sorts fro me

  6. I'm completely new to this...but had a go anyway!

  7. Thanks for keeping us in the edge of our seats as the final gasps of poetry writing month resound. I may be a bit late with my offering, but I wouldn't miss the challenge.

  8. Um.. um.. I tried!💜 We'll see how it goes. Day 26! Phew!☕

  9. Day 26 Thanks for a lovely prompt Isadora

    much love...

  10. Evening, Garden dwellers! Thanks, Isadora, for the prompt! We have our son's spring concert to attend (where he plays the viola!). I will catch you all around the garden! :)

  11. thanks for hosting Izy! Late to the party, lagging for the words in this mad month, but I listed, twisted and just had some fun!


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