Tuesday, July 17, 2018

The Tuesday Platform

Erik Ringsmuth, Unsplash

Behind the blameless trees

Behind the blameless trees
old fate slowly builds
her mute countenance.
Wrinkles grow there . . .
What a bird shrieks here
springs there like a gasp of warning
from a soothsayer's hard mouth.

And the soon-to-be lovers
smile on each other, not yet knowing farewell,
and round about them, like a constellation,
their destiny casts
its nightly spell.
Still to come, it does not reach out to them,
it remains
a phantom
floating in its heavenly course.  ~Rainer Maria Rilke

Welcome to the Tuesday Platform, your unprompted free-range day for sharing poems in the Imaginary Garden. Please look up from your phone and link up a poem. Then be sure to visit the offerings of our fellow writers.

Remember to stop by tomorrow as there will be a special open link, July 18, to commemorate the anniversary of our site: 2011 - 2018!



  1. Goodness, I'm first. That's a rare bird. Happy Tuesday!

  2. @Susie; Happy Tuesday!💞 Heading over to read you ☕

  3. Thanks for hosting, Sanaa.

    Quick note: There will be a special open link tomorrow, July 18, to commemorate the anniversary of our site: 2011 - 2018!

  4. @Kerry; YAY!💞 That's so exciting!💞

  5. thanks for hosting Sanaa :)

    and well, here's something a bit different ... a little more "tooth" for a poem-prose piece, a bit of whimsy, a bit of oddity ... partly inspired by a few of the lines mentioned in the poem/tone of Rilke

    and happy wording fellow Toads and travellers :)

  6. @Pat; Thank you for joining us!💞 Heading over to read you☕

  7. Here is something different from me - a love poem. thank you for hosting Sanaa! Hooray on the Special Link!

  8. @Toni; Hoorayy!💞 Heading over to read you now ☕

  9. oh damn, forgot to remove the number 2 (from the tricune prompt). There is only the one this time.

  10. Apologies for being so late but I'm struggling with severe eczema, which is disturbing my sleep. I went to bed really early last night in the hope that I would catch up with some sleep - no luck and the itch is worse. I'm afraid any poems this week may be a bit morose. :(

  11. @Rosemary; No worries I got you!💞

    @Kim; I am so sorry to hear that 😥 please take care and feel better soon!💞


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