Tuesday, March 12, 2019

The Tuesday Platform

March Days Return With Their Covert Light

March days return with their covert light,
and huge fish swim through the sky,
vague earthly vapours progress in secret,
things slip to silence one by one.
Through fortuity, at this crisis of errant skies,
you reunite the lives of the sea to that of fire,
grey lurchings of the ship of winter
to the form that love carved in the guitar.
O love, O rose soaked by mermaids and spume,
dancing flame that climbs the invisible stairway,
to waken the blood in insomnia’s labyrinth,
so that the waves can complete themselves in the sky,
the sea forget its cargoes and rages,
and the world fall into darkness’s nets. 
 ~ Pablo Neruda

I have always wondered where Neruda got his inspiration from when it comes to writing poetry, and admire the way his words reach deep into the soul. What impresses me the most about this poem is its sense of mystery  — that the beloved is somehow a means to the transcendent as one puts his emotions into the bare code of language. The lines; "O love, O rose soaked by mermaids and spume,
dancing flame that climbs the invisible stairway," is nothing less than poetic brilliance as it describes the intensity with which one undergoes a life-changing experience.

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  1. I previously posted my writing and linked here on February 19, 2019. In part the entry answers Sanaa's Question, from his hilltop abode he had a magnificent view of the town and the sea below. I have edited it since for posting tonight but I still am not entirely satisfied with it.

  2. I enjoyed the timely Pablo Neruda poem, Sanaa! We're experiencing very high March winds at the moment, which have caused some accidents and disruption. Luckily, I don't have to leave the house until lunchtime. :)

  3. @Jim; Thank you so much for linking with us, heading over to read you 💞☕

  4. @Kim; Oh gosh that's frightening! Be safe and so glad you enjoyed the Neruda poem!💞☕

  5. Love the Neruda Sanaa! Sharing a Rubaiyat I wrote yesterday. It was a beautiful morning, and today it is overcast, rainy, and cold. We've had an odd winter here in AZ. But I am grateful to experience all the faces of it, for al too soon, we will be in summer.

  6. @Linda; Oh! I adore the Rubaiyat form and am excited to read you. Happy Tuesday!💞☕

  7. Good morning, my fine feathered Toads! Saint Patrick's Day is's a great time to be green!

  8. Ah well, speaking of life-changing experiences....

    Some may have seen this one already, here or on fb; don't feel obliged to comment again if you have done so.

  9. @Timoteo; Yes Saint Patrick's Day is coming up! 4 days to go!💞☕

  10. @Rosemary; I am deeply sorry for your loss. *hugs*


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