Sunday, April 28, 2019

Poems in April - Photographic Images Reimagined

Unidentified Woman ca. 1950's - Walter Silver Photographs

Congratulations if this is your 28th day of National Poetry Writing Month (NaPoWriMo).  I fell off the wagon halfway through April, but I enjoyed the ride while it lasted.  I am here to offer those on or off the "April" Poetry wagon a poetic challenge.

These images are free to download and use.   I linked the sites and you are also free to choose one for yourself if these don't inspire you creatively.    

I would like you to interpret your chosen image one of three ways:

1)  Use an ekphrastic writing approach by closely observing the photo. (vivid description)

2)  Create a narrative beyond the frame and reimagine the photo (storytelling)

3)  Interpret or impart an impression of sentiment or promise from the photo

The kiss, Terre Haute, Ind./ Clarence H. White 1904
Inez Milholland - Suffrage parade
About this lady: HERE

House with trees and clothesline - Walter Silver Photographs

Milkyway over Lassen National Park, USA - Thomas Ciszewski

Play for Me - Ian Dooley


  1. So many beautiful pictures to choose from, but I fell in love with the house on the hill. Thank you, Margaret.

  2. Yes, that was a difficult choice. But for me it had to be the pianist - I love black and white photography.

  3. Happy Sunday everyone 😊 I'll be around shortly to read and comment, need to grab some coffee and breakfast. Day 28 phew!💞☕

  4. They are all beautiful Margaret. I heard words from all of them.

  5. I expected to choose either the pianist or the Milky Way, but somehow that woman looking out of the window drew my attention and before I knew where I was, I was writing....

  6. That piano player really spoke to me.

  7. Margaret, These photos are wonderful. I found myself having difficulties choosing one--I love them all. In the end, I chose the Milky Way, but I suspect that I will come back to the other ones. Thank you!

    Happiest Sunday, everyone!

  8. Hi Everyone- Happy Sunday! Margaret- thanks for the great prompt! I chose the house photo.

  9. Hello all.... I'm travelling back on train, my mother is still hanging on and she continue to surprise medicine.

  10. Still trying to brain is numb today

  11. The house takes me back to my grandma's cottage, the seat of my childhood, when it was always summer and dreams would always come true.

  12. I am going out to wash my car, no easy feat, lugging buckets of water from the second floor....but will make the rounds when I come back in, exhausted, LOL.

  13. I always find the photographs you choose or have taken to be uncommonly inspiring for poetry, Margaret. I have written some of my best stuff for these prompts.

  14. Thank you ALL for playing along - I had a great time reading them. And thanks, Shay - your moments of brillance are many... I still love the priest and child poem you wrote -- sitting on those steps - I always think of it ... throw me a link if you can remember to. Also... Sherry - I love the grandma's cottage poem... I harken back to those days myself a lot.

    I just have to say I appreciate this Garden SO much ... my life gets busy and I can't always keep up, but I start getting crabby and my family has to let me "play" here at times because I am so inspired by "ya'll".


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