Saturday, August 17, 2019

Wordy Weekend Mini-Challege: Messages in Water

The world is full of wonder and amazement.  I am sure many of you have heard about Masaru Emoto, who, in 1994, froze drops of water from various sources, then examined them through a microscope. He noted that there were no good results from tap water, or water sources near cities. But he saw beautiful crystals, each one different, from pristine living water sources.

Investigating further, he noted changes in the crystals depending on what words, pictures, music or energy was directed at it. The crystals responded in beautiful designs when he showed them words such as "Thank You", "kindness", and "love". They reacted with  disgust and disfigurement when shown negative angry words or images.

"You disgust me"

Right now, we are bombarded by negative angry energy and discord every time we turn on the news. We see how rhetoric spreads like dark clouds. I can't help but wonder what would happen  if several billion of us projected light, positivity, kindness and appreciation out into the world? Surely, we would shift the global consciousness?

For your challenge, fellow Toads, write about water, in any way you wish


write about energy, good or bad, and how it affects everyone and everything around it. I look forward to reading your responses.

source: Masaru Emoto website


  1. Happy Saturday, my Toadly friends. Am back home tending my garden after spending the week at the farm with my sister. I hope you HOP into the Pond with me and share your poems about water and/or energy. Ribbet!

  2. A wonderful prompt, Sherry. In SA, we are suffering through our winter drought. On Friday, the temperature range from 5C - 30C (41F - 86F), the warmest winter ever!

    Happy Weekend writing to all!

  3. A happy Saturday to all in the Imaginary Garden and thanks for the amazing prompt, Sherry. I'd not heard of the messages in water before and found the video completely mesmerising. We had rain for a couple of days; today was warm and dry again.

  4. Wow, Kerry, that hot in winter is alarming. It was 30 C in Port in our summer, this week. So hot. And my son said it was FORTY C in mid-Canada where he lives, the other week. Intolerable. So hard on the animals too.

    Kim, Emoto's discoveries are very intriguing. It tells me that EVERYTHING is alive, and listening.........hmmmm, I wrote a poem about that once.

  5. Weather is indeed strange... but here in Sweden it has for once been quite normal summer...

  6. Hi Sherry- I've seen What the Bleep, and I was so fascinated by the water segment. Joining today!

  7. Thank you all for responding to this prompt. I am so enjoying reading your poems. It is a conundrum, the beauty of the natural world, and the horrors humanity imposes on it and each other. I work hard trying to balance the two incongruent realities.

  8. Blame it on the blues...I spend a lot of time with blue's artists. :) Love the prompt!

  9. You are a lucky duck to be spending time with musicians!

  10. I am very late to the game and will be posting this on Platform Tuesday as well. Thanks for the beautiful prompt


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