Tuesday, December 26, 2017

The Tuesday Platform

Welcome to The Garden, dearest Toads and visitors. I hope you’ve been enjoying the Holiday Season. I, as always, have been mourning warm weather (and cursing an achy shoulder). But don’t pay much attention to that, you know what they say about me (and passiflora plants):

In summer,
my potted passiflora envies
trees whose roots run deep
into deliciously wild dirt.
In winter, she holds on
to the lush of her leaves…
grateful she’s not an oak.

Let’s get lost in poetry. Share an old poem or a new poem or, mayhap, a poem that doesn't care about her age (yes, today, all poems are ladies). Visit other Toads. Be merry in word, everyone.

do feel free to use my image
and again, be merry


  1. Happy holidays everyone!
    Sharing a poem with SOME wrinkles - not too many though
    Will be back to read what you shared a bit later

  2. Hi kids, am travelling today, will visit as i am able. Hope everyone is happy and well.

  3. Happy Holidays,everybody!
    MNL (Cactus Haiku)

  4. No poem today I'm dropping off something else. Happy Holidays!

  5. Sharing a bit of prose poetry... have been reading some Borges.

  6. Created a haibun with no wrinkles! Best wishes to everyone for a happy and healthy new year, full of poetry!

  7. I love this little gap between Christmas and New Year. A time for reflection, reading and poetry!

  8. Happy Holidays All. Spending some quality time with my eldest daughter and have been offline mostly.I'll get to some reading shortly.

  9. Thanks a bunch for sharing your poetry, everyone.


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