Saturday, May 11, 2013

Sunday Mini-Challenge ~ VIOLET

Welcome to the weekend garden, toads! May you enjoy its abundance.

Today's mini-challenge focuses on a very simple concept:

The Color Violet.

Flowers in Violet, original encaustic by Kim Nelson

The color violet appears in the visible light spectrum, and has the highest vibration in that spectrum. It combines the energy and strength of red with the spirituality and integrity of blue; and  it represents a union of body and soul, a balance between our physical and spiritual energies.

Violet is said to expand our awareness, connecting us to a higher consciousness, and is thus associated with soul transformation. Philosophers are often attracted to it.

Psychologically, violet promotes harmony between mind and emotions, contributing to mental balance, stability and peace of mind. It also supports the practice of meditation.

The color violet encourages creative pursuits, uniqueness, individuality and true expression. Artists, musicians, writers, poets and psychics are usually inspired by the color violet.

So… are you inspired?  I hope so. Write away! Post your poem on your site and then link here. 

Have a wonderful time in the garden! ~Kim


  1. Those purple pansies do enchant me ;D
    Nice to gather more inspiration!

    Happy Mother's Day everyone!

  2. violet: I like its ambivalence halfway between red and blue.

  3. Such a lovely color and painting Kim ~ I will be back with my poem ~

    Happy day to everyone ~


  4. Gorgeous painting, Kim. Inspired today. Thank you!

  5. Thank you, Kim!! I love your artwork, too!!

  6. I had more fun than enough with this prompt, Kim, and took it in an entirely unexpected direction.
    You'll all be pleased to know that the UTube link I tried to use in my post here has failed to perform.

  7. Thanks, Kim, for your prompt. I wrote about my eldest dog...whose name just happens to be Violet.

  8. Such a lovely and meaningful prompt. My first writing today. Felt refreshed and it was perfect for a bit of creative flow today. Thank you!

  9. Yes, I mistakenly clicked on "Afreeweb" as well. Grrrrrr.

  10. Forgive me Kim .. for not giving the lovely image you shared the respect it deserves!!

  11. ... and i deleted the "afreeweb" link. annoying.

  12. Kim, thanks for a prompt that at first had me writing about grape jelly, but then found me in a more mature mode, musing on purple hydrangeas in an island I visited while pregnant with Riley.

    A real blessing, so thanks. Amyhoptoad

  13. Beautiful painting, Kim, and lovely challenge! Violet is a pretty color and I do enjoy it in all its shades. Thanks for the inspiration :)

  14. I was inspired in ways I thought I wouldn't be! Thanks!

  15. How could I pass by one of my favourite colours? :)

  16. Thanks Marian, for deleting the spam.

    I'm in, a bit late to the party as usual. Off to see what everyone else has done in their coloring book.

  17. I'm late!! I'll post this Violet thing tomorrow too. It rose from the ground to find me like Io in Cow form after the gadfly and before restoration.

  18. Beautiful painting, Kim. Lovely colors and the flowers look like they've just fallen off the tree and fluttered to the violet ground.


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