Tuesday, December 18, 2018

The Tuesday Platform

I've only just come across some amazing poetry written by Rupi Kaur. I love her style; simple yet rich. Take a look at these two pieces and see what you think.

Poetry Collection- The Sun & Her Flowers
the rain tried to imitate my hands
by running down your body
i ripped the sky apart for allowing that
Poetry Collection: Milk and Honey
if I knew what
safety looked like
I would have spent less time falling into
arms that were not
Greetings to all poets and friends and visitors….from a very chilly London! Winter is here and Christmas is Season's Greetings to one and all.
That said, I'd much rather sit by the fireplace reading poetry..and today, it's your poetry! Feel free to drop a line, a verse, a sonnet....anything you want to share with the universe and us, too and please, don’t forget to read/comment  on the works of your fellow poets. 


  1. Welcome everyone! Glad to see one up here already! I'll be popping in and out all keep them coming :)

  2. Good morning from dreary Norfolk, Viv! Thank you for sharing the poems by Rupi Kaur - I love them too! I've posted a 'kind of' sonnet, which was inspired by this morning's lack of colour and the chill in the air.

  3. @Kim...the weather in London isn't any better. I look forward to reading your sonnet.

  4. @Ron- I can't seem to post a comment on your well-penned insomnia poem. Let me know if it's just me having this issue.

  5. enjoyed Rupi Kaur. Thank you and will look him up.

  6. ^^^"him"?

    Hello, Vivian and thank you for hosting through the fog! Put on your Burberry raincoat and stay warm!

  7. Rupi Kaur's work is breathtakingly fresh!! Thanks for sharing :)

  8. I still wish I were in London again. I miss our semi-annuaks. Was doing that for five years, twice a year. No more no. Been almost four years.
    Nice poem. I felt goose bumps, thNk you.

  9. Love Rupi Kaur's kind of poetry. Must check out more of her work. Thank you for the introduction.

  10. This is inspiring poetry. I want to write like that.


  11. Happy Tuesday everyone. A haibun on Japanese winter solstice

  12. I bought her books last year. A bit short, but some good writing. I hope she continues to hone her craft. xo

  13. Evening, Garden Dwellers! Thanks, Vivian! :)


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