Saturday, December 15, 2018

Weekend Mini-Challenge: Life Is Ripe

Greetings, dear Toads. I am beyond happy to be back from my hosting hiatus. I missed creating prompts for our Garden. In fact, I thought about it quite often. So, when one of my nurses gave me a miniature copy of the Selected Works of Poe, which I already own, I could not resist using one of the wee books as a source for blackout poem prompts. The title for today’s prompt was inspired by the first poem bit I crafted out of the mini-book.

the Prompt: Write a new poem centered around a childhood memory, which brings you joy as an adult. 

optional pump for your Prompt: Your poem, your form choice. However, the selfish reader in me would love to delight in some well-loved Prose Poetry (in 131 words or fewer) *wink-wink*.   

Please, add the direct link to your poem to Mr. Linky. Visit other Toads. Have a blast. 


  1. Good Afternoon, Toads. And thank you, Magaly. I love Prose Poetry.

  2. @Margaret, I am so glad you do. I've been falling for it, too.

  3. @Margaret, Your note made me laugh so hard. Thank you for that.

  4. Good evening, Todas, and thank you Magaly for the prompt. I've not written much prose poetry, so I hope mine has been written along the right lines. :) I'm rushing to get this written, read and comment on other poems as it's blowing a hooley out there. We have snow in the north of England and sleety rain down here. I hope you are all well and, if you have snow, tucked up well and keeping warm.

  5. Loved the prompt, Magaly! Sharing a very special poem (which includes a picture of a younger me) with you all. Happy Weekend, everyone!💞☕

  6. MAGALY! YAY! You're back! Prompting, that is. Prose poetry sounds good, childhood memory even better.

  7. One of my greatest childhood memories was my father teaching me to fish in 1952, when I was 5-years-old, on our annual summer vacation to Espanola, Ontario, Canada. The memory remains alive, because I taught my son, at age 5, to fish in the Cascade Mountain streams and lakes in Oregon. He and I are now teaching his son, my grandson, to fish on Lake Washington here in Washington state. I hope this memory never ends!

  8. @Kim, I hope the snow doesn't get too out of control. Stay safe and warm!

    @Sanaa, The picture of you made me giggle. You have the same eyes and smile.

    @Bjorn, Indeed...

    @Sherry, Slowly but surely. 😀

    @Rob, If your descendants put as much as you've put into it, I suspect it will never end.

  9. Hi Magaly! Great to have you back hosting on the weekend. I have been away, attending a wedding, so may not get to write for this challenge but I will enjoy reading the responses. My daughter was the MC at the wedding and she recalled childhood memories shared with the bride.. those really filled me up with the joy that is to be gained as the years pass by.

  10. Hi Magaly, glad to see you back here. Love the prompt! Im going to try to respond...been very hectic down at my end. But I'll certainly be reading as many as possible. Enjoy your weekend :)

  11. @Kerry, Enjoy yourself!

    @Vivian, May your weekend be yummy.

    @Marian, I shall delight in it. ❤️

  12. Help Help

    Magaly Ma'am,
    Apologies to Rob!. Hank had difficulties in trying to post comments into Rob's website. Rob had graciously posted comments on Hank's 'Rainbow" on many occasions lately but Hank's return comments were not registered on Rob's. PLease help post this comments into Rob's so that Rob is aware at least this once that Hank did not ignore his comments. Thank you for your kind help!

    the sweet anticipation
    can be as rich
    as the reward

    The beauty of fishing captured most perfectly. It is the feeling experienced at the point of success that all anglers are lured each time to whip the rod flying into the air.


  13. Nice to have you back, Magaly. Thus a nice prompt, seems fine for 131 words or less. But looking back k on my early life it wasn't pleasant in general. My best times were away, down by the creek or other places on the farm. My little sister and I were fine together, Mom was nice but we weren't close. Then I thought of Grandpa H who always had time for me, guided me without scolding, and let me know with tobacco juices kisses, all us kids got them. Trouble way to much for me to choose for 131 words.

  14. @Hank, I checked and noticed you were able to get through, so... Hooray!

  15. @Jim, Thank you. It is good to be back.

    About the prompt... It was only asking for one memory, just a glimpse into a small something that happen then, which still brings you joy. Perhaps, a particular sunny day "down by the creek or other places on the farm", away from worse.

    My own entry shows a child living a complicated moment. Even the bit I chose to share, the one that brings me joy today, includes both violence and adult happenings a child shouldn't have had to make sense of at such young age. It's the reason why, in the poem, I focused on the baring of teeth, on the bond between a wild girl and a wilder horse, on the galloping away to get out of the mess, on how the complicated moment from long ago reminds me of what I've survived.

    I hope all my rambling makes sense. :-)

  16. @Susie, Thank you.

    And thank you, everyone, for writing and reading with me.


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