Thursday, May 30, 2019

Artistic Interpretations with Margaret - Color it...

Sherwin Williams
Welcome to Artistic Interpretations.  Imagine being the one naming all the paint colors Sherwin Williams offers!  Perhaps the next best thing is to write a poem using these creative names.

The challenge is to use 5 names from the "fan decks" below and write a new poem.  The paint chips are randomly selected by me but please click on the names if you want to see the colors not represented with a square of color.  (I have linked every name below a color square to an internet link)

Perhaps the names themselves will inspire, perhaps the color.  It is wide open to interpretation.  You are NOT restricted to staying with one paint chip - there are 3 - 4 colors on each strip.  You may mix and match...  just use at least five names below.

Note (I don't mean to make this complicated)  If the name of the paint color uses the "color" - for example - Plie Pink - you can opt to NOT use the word "pink" and just "plie" in your poem.  It is up to you.

I prefer a new poem, however, you may re-work an old poem - sometimes past poems benefit with a bit of a facelift.

Please sign up with Mr. Linky below and be sure to visit and comment on the other poetry.  Thank you, and I look forward to your Artistic Interpretations!

Behind Blue Eyes
Behind Blue Eyes, Tranquil Vibe, Moonlit Path

Chase the Moonlite
 Triple Berry, Heaven Sent, Chase the Moonlite

Flirty Fuscia
Flirty Fuscia, Thalia Pink, Gooseberrie, Victoria Rose

Irresistible Kiss
 Rosee Pink, Irresistible Kiss, Plie Pink

Rapture Blue
Right as Rain
Blue Nile, Right as Rain, September Skies, Rapture Blue

 Tricorn Black, Raven Wing, Nevermore Grey, Nor'Easter

 Scarlet Maple, Rowan Berries, Knock-Out Orange, Pink Ranunculus

Salt Marshes
Salt Marshes, Celadon Pottery, Waterscape

Amethystina, Violet Obsession, Serenade, Maison Bleu

Tree Swallow
Oceanus, Riverway, Tree Swallow, Aqua Reservoir

Fresh Cut
Green Stem, Parisian Green, Mangrove, Fresh Cut

Blackberry Bramble, Ravenwood, Plum Delia, Autumn Mums

Fresh Forsythia
Fresh Forsythia, Maize Valley, Spring Nectar

Tuesday, May 28, 2019

The Tuesday Platform

[To Find A Kiss Of Yours]

by Federico García Lorca - 1898-1936

To find a kiss of yours
what would I give
A kiss that strayed from your lips
dead to love

My lips taste
the dirt of shadows     

To gaze at your dark eyes
what would I give
Dawns of rainbow garnet
fanning open before God— 

The stars blinded them
one morning in May

And to kiss your pure thighs
what would I give
Raw rose crystal
sediment of the sun

(Translated by Sarah Arvio)

[Por encontrar un beso tuyo] Spanish Version

Por encontrar un beso tuyo,
¿qué daría yo?
¡Un beso errante de tu boca
muerta para el amor!

(Tierra de sombra
come mi boca.)

Por contemplar tus ojos negros,
¿qué daría yo?
¡Auroras  de carbunclos irisados
abiertas frente a Dios!

(Las estrellas los cegaron
una mañana de mayo.)

Y por besar tus muslos castos,
¿qué daría yo?
(Cristal de rosa primitiva,
sedimento de sol.)

Born on June 5, 1898, in Fuente Vaqueros, Granada province, Spain, Federico Garcia Lorca was the most influential and popular poet of Spanish literature in the 20th century. He possessed quite a unique style of writing in which he liked to make use of various symbols in order to convey the meaning behind his work. 

Throughout his writing journey he used vast amount of metaphors as powerful literary tools. Whereas in terms of themes, Lorca’s work consisted of folklore and fables combined with a modernist sensibility of despair and depth of soul or heart.

I am also including one of my favorite songs by Sixpence None The Richer:

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