Tuesday, April 21, 2020

April 2020 ~ Days 21 - 25

Welcome to Play It Again! in April 2020.

"Pity on the Living"
Copyright Kerry O'Connor

The Imaginary Garden is hosting a prompt a day from our archives to inspire poets during NaPoWriMo.
Links to prompts for Days 21 - 25 can be followed below.
Please include a link back to the original post on your site if you choose to write to one of these prompts.

Day 21

Tree Mythology, April 21, 2019

Day 22

Poets of April, April 22, 2018

Day 23

The Bard, April 23. 2016

Day 24

Wild Woman: Natural Wonders, April 24, 2019

Day 25

Artistic Interpretations: Willard Asylum, April 25, 2014

Please use the Linky provided for all poems written over the five days.


  1. Welcome to Day 21. Congratulations to all who have made it thus far in their quest to write a poem a day in April!

  2. Oh, just realised the instruction was to link at my blog to the original prompt. I've been linking to the current 5-day lists of prompts for 20 days. (But I guess people can still find the originals that way if they want.) OK, reforming now.

  3. Not a problem, Rosemary. It is just a way to acknowledge the original Imaginer.

  4. Thank you so much for including my tree mythology prompt, Kerry. It was challenging to approach it a second time around.

  5. Day 21! Thank you so much for the amazing set of challenges this week, Kerry!❤️ I look forward to writing to them.

    @Kim; I enjoyed revisiting your Tree Mythology prompt!😃

  6. Thank you for setting this up so wonderfully for us, Kerry. I have been managing peom a day, though not always for these prompts. Have been sidetracked by the weight of the news, as well, struggling a bit to write anything uplifting. But have been enjoying the great reading!

  7. Happy Earth Day! Never have I felt more conscious of our place on this planet than in this time when man has been forced to take a back seat. It warms my troubled heart to see that the natural world has been quick to rally in our absence.

  8. For Day 23 I wrote an Earth Day tribute to Earth. Our is healing wuth civilization shutting down (not my theme though).
    Thank you Kerry, for hosting us.

  9. Happy Earth Day to you, too, Kerry. And let's hope that we get smarter and kinder, when it comes to our planet. If not, well... you know.

  10. The back nine, Garden Dwellers! :)

    Happy Earth Day!

  11. Happy 23rd Day of April! William Shakespeare Day!

  12. As most of you know, i am a fan of Shakespeare, but I found Day 23 to be the trickiest prompt. There was so much I could have written and I wanted to keep it simple.

  13. Kerry, your illustration "Pity the Living" is so beautiful. Pity us indeed, the fools are in charge in some places.

  14. Thank you, Sherry!
    I was running a bit short on ideas for poem number 24, but your prompt to look to nature for inspiration helped me find a few more lines.

  15. Hi friends, I hope nature's healing balm and all its spring blooms are bringing you some comfort in these perilous times. Stay safe!

  16. Kim, your site will not accept my comment. Weird, as have commented before....but Akismet does not like me....please check your spam file and see if I am in there? Sigh. I loved your poem about the necessary bees.

  17. I, too, am frustrated by a few sites refusing my comments. So much beautiful writing happening this month. I commend you all ❣️❣️🙏

  18. There is some kind of glitch happening with blogs again. The disappearing comments (and images) problem is quite widespread,


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