Sunday, April 26, 2020

April 2020 ~ Days 26 - 30

Welcome to Play It Again! in April 2020.

Samsara by Kerry O'Connor

We have reached the final stage of the prompt a day, shared from our archives to inspire poets during NaPoWriMo. Many thanks to all who participated, and especially to those who generously responded to the posts of other poets throughout the month.

Links to prompts for Days 26 - 30 can be followed below.
Please include a link back to the original post on your site if you choose to write to one of these prompts.

Day 26

Reboot, Rewind, Recycle, April 26, 2019

Day 27

The Way of Tea, April 27, 2016

Day 28

Harper Lee, April 28, 2013

Day 29

This is (almost) the end, April 29. 2018

Day 30

Bang, Whimper, Hiss, April 30, 2015

Please use the Linky provided for all poems written over the five days.


  1. I love your poem, Kerry! I'm excited to see what the final fives days' prompts are! I haven't looked yet.

  2. Day Twenty-six! Phew! Thank you for the final set of amazing challenges, Kerry!💘

  3. It seems surreal that we are on the final stretch of another April poetry marathon, friends. Each year, around this time, I promise myself I will not undertake to write 30 poems in 30 days again but this year, especially, has not been one in which poets could remain silent. We have all been witnesses to the most painful episode in many of our personal histories.
    Thank you all for the finesse and fineness of your poetry. It has been a beacon in dark times.

  4. Yes, here we are again on the last leg. I am like you, Kerry, except it's usually around the middle of the month that I think, 'What am I doing? Never again!' That tends to be, to my own perception, when my poetry flags and I start churning out inferior stuff. Then somehow it seems to recover and I create pieces I'm happier to put my name to. I have usually ended the month still determined never to do it again, but this year I feel differently. A few years ago I took art in a project of Australian poet Kit Kelen's, where a number of us committed to write a poem a day and post to a communal blog – some for a whole year, others for only a month or two. I didn't sign on for the year, but even so I noticed that writing a draft everyday started having a good effect: we all got better by doing. One difference was that these poems were unprompted. Much as I see the value of prompts, and the often unexpected creative opportunities they give rise to, I think that may be part of the stress of writing every day in April. (Even though I wold probably never start at all without some prompts to get me going.) Anyway, having got up a momentum now, I am thinking I'll continue on writing a poem a day, and that most of them will be unprompted. Over at Poets and Storytellers United, we only have one weekly prompt, so I can have it both ways and write to prompts sometimes – and even come back here and go through the archives if I want more. So thank you for providing this opportunity to write poems every day this April – without which I would not have formulated this plan.

  5. Oh and of course, despite saying never again every year, I have always been eager at the start of each new April! LOL.

  6. I agree with you wholeheartedly, Rosemary. April does push all sorts of boundaries. prompts can only help us part of the way, which is why I decided on a thematic approach this year, and used the prompts and my own words merely as nudges to keep ideas flowing from one day to the next. Dylan Thomas has been my spirit guide throughout, and I think I have learnt a lot regarding form and diction but especially the way to fuse figurative and literal meanings. i always come away from the April challenge with far more than I brought in.
    It has been most pleasurable to share the garden space with friends once more. As you point out, the site is always available as a resource of literary suggestions, challenges and prompts.

  7. This has been a wonderful month for me. My poems have come out of hiding so to speak and I hope my creativity will continue to benefit
    from this time well spent.
    Kerry, yours was one of the sites my comments refused to stick to but I‘ve visited you again on Instagram.
    In regard to today’s poem “learning, reflecting and trusting” all revealed to us in your beautiful poetic language.
    I thank everyone for inspiring me to learn my craft and grow, even at this late stage in my life 🌹🌹🌹🙏

  8. Kerry- What a wonderful month of prompts, thank you so much for your efforts. And thank you to everyone who has participated, there is magic in your words and I have learned so much. I am grateful to be here.

  9. I liked the "Rewind" prompt, I'd used it last year too. This time I combined it with NaPoWriMo Day 26 by choosing from a list there.
    Thank you, Kerry. For hosting and for 'reopening' the Garden.

  10. It feels like a marathon, every year. This last week, especially. Still, I keep running! :)

  11. Rosemary, your day 27 link takes us back to Day 26, so you may want to redo that one.

    ♪♪Happy Birthday to you,♪♪
    ♪♪Happy Birthday to you,♪♪
    ♪♪Happy Birthday Dear ROMMY,♪♪
    ♪♪Happy Birthday to you.♪♪ 

    1. per the day 27 post,
      "The Way With Tea".

  13. I just wanted to say THANK YOU Kerry for the archival revival for April's 30/30 madness - it's been very wonderful to be able to stop back in and enjoy the inspirations via the prompts and the responses too. Your time and efforts in preparing of all this, especially during these very troubling times, has been a HUGE gift - so thank you once again.

    And I'd like to say that although I haven't commented on everyone's pieces, I've taken time to stop in and read, enjoying what people have offered up for their poetic efforts. Inspiration and ideas come from all places and perspectives and this is a great way to just enjoy and perhaps springboard into new creative writing spaces. So thank you to everyone who has shared through the madness.

    And finally, I'd just like to thank everyone who stopped by to read and/or comment for the poems/works I've shared during this April. It's been a pleasure reading people's ideas about the words that have slipped through my mind onto the page/screen.

    And so, for those on the final stage of this "madness" - good luck - it's the home stretch - and it's almost over. And may everyone be safe and well. And happy continued poeming endeavours.


  14. Day twenty-eight!💘 We are nearing the finish line, just stopping by to say that I have enjoyed writing so much alongside everyone this month!

    It's Ramadan nowadays .. so please don't mind if I show up a little late to read and comment. It's tough when one is fasting all day until sunset. xoxo 💘

  15. Thanks Kerry for the heads-up about my Day 27 link. Only just saw it. Many thanks to you and Sanaa for finding the right poem anyway, even before I made the correction.!

  16. Only two more to go, Kim. We have all but made it to the end of another marathon. So proud of all who have continued to write through the lockdowns, quarantines, stay homes of April 2020.

  17. It really IS almost the end! What a great month of poetry.

  18. Woooo hooooo! Day 30 😃 Congratulations, everyone! We did it!💘💘

  19. Thank you everybody, and especially Kerry. It's been a treat!

    Lots of love, and I hoe we can do it again next year.

  20. (Oh, my typos! You know I meant 'hope' don't you?)

  21. Day 30. Day 30. Day 30.

    We made it. A big thank you to all who participated, and especially everyone who generously read and commented on posts every day. I don't think we have ever lost sight of the fact that this April has been a time of tragedy and fear, however, the opportunity to see each other every day, together apart, has been a great source of positivity and our poetry, a means of honouring the history we have lived through.

    I am most grateful to have played a small part here in the garden.

  22. I can't believe it's the last day of NaPoWriMo - and I nearly didn't make it. Yesterday I slipped and fell in the shower. I'm not sure if I was knocked out, but I struggled to get up after hitting my head on the tiled wall, wrenching my neck and shoulder, and hurting a toe, of which one half is deep purple.

    Congratulations to everyone for making it to the end and producing stunning poems in the most unusual and unprecedented circumstances. And it was such a joy to be back with the Toads.

  23. I'm so proud of all of you! Congratulations!
    I apologize for not being able to keep up.
    Am so glad to see so much energy in the Garden. So much poetry flowing. It's incredible. Thank you!! xoxo

  24. I can't believe it- another month of poetry in the books! Congratulations everyone!

  25. Wow! We made it! (and do I have some reading/commenting catching-up to do!)

    Congratulations, everyone, on another 30/30!

    Be well!

  26. This is my last offering...I've been poeming along in my journal with everyone.

    Remember to breathe
    often and always fully
    deep and from the heart.

    Thank you, to everyone for all of the amazing prompts. It's been such a gift to revisit these and people's work...old and new.

    It's so interesting how so many of the prompts aligned with what is happening for us now in this unique time.

    Sending positive poetry vibes and wishes for safety for all.


  27. Bravo , you did it. I petered out the last few days but have been reading. Wasnt feeling well, have been doing a bit of writing here and there as I could manage. Thanks, Kerry, for making this possible, couldnt have written as much as I did without Toads. Stay safe, everyone.


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