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Thursday, February 26, 2015

Time (The Revelator)

From Gillian Welch’s website: "Gill and Dave met at Berklee College of Music; Gillian was studying songwriting, while Dave studied guitar; they met at an audition for a country band. Together, they moved to Nashville, TN where most of their work together has been produced. Since then they have influenced and inspired new generations of country and folk singers, songwriters and players. They have earned the slavish admiration of many of the most lauded and loved voices of the Americana milieu now living – and some who have since deceased (rest their souls). They’ve had their songs recorded by the likes of Willie Nelson, Emmylou Harris, and Solomon Burke. Gill and Dave’s body of work is deeply rooted in the world it has sought to portray in song: the American South." 

Read the rest of their bio HERE.


Tuesday, February 24, 2015

The Tuesday Platform

Open Air Stage, Corvara in Badia, Italy

"Whether you are a writer or an actor or a stage manager, you are trying to express the complications of life through a shared enterprise. That's what theatre was, always. And live performance shares that with an audience in a specific compact: the play is unfinished unless it has an audience, and they are as important as everyone else."  Lee Hall (Brainy Quotes)

Greetings to all bards, minstrels and itinerant poets! As always we extend a warm welcome to you, and invite you to take a turn upon our stage. This forum is for the sharing of poetry without parameters - the choice is yours. Please take a turn as a member of the audience as your interest and commentary is greatly appreciated. The Imaginary Garden with Real Toads IS a 'shared enterprise' for its members and friends.