Saturday, March 23, 2019

Weekend Mini Challenge: Nomenclature

Welcome to the Weekend Mini Challenge with Kim from Writing in North Norfolk.

A couple of Saturdays ago I visited the Natural History Museum in London. Saturdays are always very busy, especially in the dinosaur section, so we wandered into the Darwin Centre, where we found the Cocoon, a huge space dedicated to the collecting and naming of new species. Having studied linguistics at university and being a retired English teacher, as well as a writer, I was drawn to this section (apologies for the photograph).

Some of the names given to flora and fauna are little poems on their own, such as Everlasting friendship and Robin-run-the-hedge, as found on this display. I have found some fantastic names given to insects, such as Blue moon butterfly, Dewdrop spider, Tumbling flower and Whirligig beetles. A velvet spider has been named after Lou Reed and scientists have called a prehistoric crocodile Lemmysuchus obtusidens, after Motörhead frontman Lemmy.

I was intrigued by the ways scientists choose names for their discoveries and thought it would make a nice prompt. So today I would like you to write a new poem about how you named something or someone: a child, a pet, a plant - whatever it is you have given a name, tell us about how it came about.

Join in by clicking on Mister Linky and filling in your name and url – not forgetting to tick the small ‘data’ box. And please remember to read and comment on other toads’ poems.

Thursday, March 21, 2019

Artistic Interpretations with Margaret - Vintage Treasures - Paintings

Welcome to Artistic Interpretations.   I have recently enjoyed strolling through antique stores.  I enjoy the process, shifting piles, going through postcards, wondering about the history of certain items.  Quilts, Dishes, Paintings, Desks, Decorative items, books... I could wander through some of the stores for hours.  My husband went with me once - said he could have blown through the place in 30 minutes.  We didn't leave for another 2 hours.

I offer you various paintings that attracted my attention.  Interpret the images any way you please.  I have a few more Alcohol Inks to share with you (that was the last challenge) but I will save them for another time.

You may select as many images as you wish, however, please pair each with an original poem.   Link up with Mr. Linky below and then visit the other poets and leave a comment if you can.  We all love the Garden for the awesome opportunity to share with others who enjoy poetry.  I look forward to your Artistic Interpretations!