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Thursday, May 28, 2015

Out of Standard - Best Party of One....Ever

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Greetings Garden Dwellers!
Welcome back to Out of Standard, where I will set before you a challenge to defy the conventions of a particular theme.  I will call upon you to write out of the standard and find new places in the everyday.  It is in that spirit in which I present May’s challenge...


Todays prompt involves connecting the physical to the page, and I am not kidding when I say you will be required to boogie woogie (or maybe just twist the night away).  

Your challenge:  blast your favorite dancing song and allow yourself to jam out.  It’s okay, no one is (probably) watching.  Shake your groove thing, flail about, raise your hands....move.  When the song is over, write out the first thoughts that come to your mind and use them in a poem. Let’s see what phrases the dance sets free!


Like every challenge, your poem must by newly written for this challenge and not one which you have previously written which conveniently fits the theme.  

So go now, my muddy buddies, and bring us back something shiny and new.  

Tuesday, May 26, 2015

The Tuesday Platform

It’s Tuesday! C’mon in, the patio is yours. We Toads invite you to share your poetry with us.

Long or short, old or new, it’s up to you. Remember that links in the Garden do not expire, so feel free to link up on Wednesday or later in the week. And please do take some time during the week to read the work of other participants. We all value feedback on our work from other writers; it is how we grow, blossom, and thrive.

So, bring us your blooms! We look forward to reading your poems.