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Monday, December 22, 2014

Open Link Monday with Magaly

My last Monday co-hosting at The Garden…

This is such a wonderful community; full of writers who find the best words to inspire each other. I love adding my bits to all the prompts, and get a tad anxious when my time runs too short. Starting January, my days will be even fuller with hospitals, doctors and (I hope) with healing.

I shall continue to participate on Open Link Monday. This is not goodbye… I’m just hopping to the side, so someone else can have the lily pad full-time. Now share a poem of your choosing. Visit other word lovers. And have a merry Monday, dear Toads!   

I took this picture some time before I knew about The Garden… But every time I see the wee frog, I think of this blog.

Saturday, December 20, 2014

The Sunday Mini-Challenge ~ In Other Words

The Christmas Special Edition!

Our word substitution mini-challenge for the month of December, must inevitably turn to the titles of well-loved Christmas tales. However, this would not be the Imaginary Garden if there were not a dash of the unconventional. The object of this exercise is to consider the role of words in titles and how nuance and meaning can be changed by the slightest adjustments.

John Updike and Tim Burton are way ahead of us in substituting words into the titles of favourite carols.

Although I am not familiar with the following title, Christopher Moore seems to have been rather innovative in his approach to the traditional Christmas Tale.

If you prefer the quirky and humorous or would like to explore the underside of the festive season, then choose from the titles above and substitute your own nouns and adjectives, or select your own Christmas title (something well-known) and work your magic on it.

  • The Twelve _________ of Christmas
  • The ________ Before Christmas
  • The ________ Angel

However, if your would like something more traditional, then use the title of O. Henry's beloved tale.

  • The Gift of the _________
  • The _________ of the Magi

These titles were sourced HERE, and there are more to choose from on that site.

For those who are celebrating Hanukkah, here is a range of titles from Goodreads

If the spirit moves you to participate in this challenge, I hope you will have a lot of fun with it.