Tuesday, July 26, 2016

The Tuesday Platform

Welcome to The Tuesday Platform!

Photo by Marian Kent

It's Tuesday, your free-range herding-cats day here in the Imaginary Garden. This means share what you like, and we will read it! Stretch if you will, nap if you desire, and then get ready for some wonderful July poems. Meow!

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Saturday, July 23, 2016

Play It Again, Toads

Greetings, dearest Toads! Margaret couldn’t make it this weekend, so we must Play It Again without her. But worry not, she’s just busy at the moment and will be back soon to delight us with her photos and words.

I stole an image Mama Zen borrowed from Pinterest. I love the quote. Also, Mama Zen’s prompt is one of my three choices for today:

1. Words Count with Mama Zen: “Is your life a circus?” (A dangerous thing to ask these days, I know.)

2. The Way of Tea: create a poem based on a quote by Sen No Rikyu, poet and tea aficionado.

3.  Kerry’s Wednesday Challenge ~ Gods in Nature: write a poem from the perspective of an ancient god or goddess, “contemplating existence in the present era.”

Please write a new poem for this prompt. Choose one of the three I’ve provided, or feel free to go archive hunting. Make sure to let us know which challenge you are choosing (include the specific link in your post). Speaking of specifics and of hungry linking tools, do feed a direct link to your knew poem to Mr. Linky. Then visit other Toads. We love sharing the words blooming in our gardens.