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Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Get Listed - September

image credit - fair use: Wikipedia, The Art of War - a bamboo copy of the book

For this month's Get Listed word list prompt, I've chosen words culled from an English language translation of The Art of War, commonly attributed to Sun Tzu (specifically, the Lionel Giles 1910 edition as edited by James Clavell.)

I recently re-read it after 30 years, inspired (if it can be termed thus) by ongoing conflicts in the Ukraine, Syria, Gaza, and Ferguson, MO, but also from the nebulous and interminable 'wars' on drugs, terrorism, and poverty that litter our landscape and devour our common budget and attention, feeding our anxieties and fears while doing little but exacerbate the situations.

The book contains 13 chapters, each devoted to a different aspect of strategy. Anecdotes from historical battles are used to illustrate each lesson. One wonders about life in the war camps 2600 years ago... or today.

Wiki claims that it's required reading in the US CIA, and is on the Recommended Reading list for the Marines. It's been taught in business schools for several decades, as well.

What comes from war? Well, in theory, peace. One can hope.

So the mission this month, should you choose to accept it, is to compose a *new* pen using a least 3 of the following words. The subject matter is yours to choose - war is not the (only) answer.

The list (1 word for, if not from, each chapter):

art, war, attack, fire, capture, neglected, ardor, tactics, energy, alliance, treachery, scheme, tenderness

As a reminder, to participate, post the link to your blog in Mr. Linky below, then please visit later to see what your fellow poets have added, and comment if so moved.

Monday, September 15, 2014

Open Link Monday with Magaly

I had something brilliant to say about Señor Twist, the enormous oak that grows seven floors below my terrace…
I was also going to make some rather profound remarks about this super resilient cousin of his…
But my illustrated copy of The Graveyard Book, by Neil Gaiman, kept on whispering sweet telepathic nothings in my ear. I tried to be strong, but… but… it chanted and chanted: Come feel my bright pages. Have you sniffed my colors yet? I smell sooo good and mysterious.

I tried to resist, but the things that creep out of Gaiman’s imagination have always made me weak in my reader’s knees.

So go ahead, my darling Toads; link one of your poems and visit fellow word lovers. I shall fly by your cyber-gardens, too… right after I spend some quality time with certain flirtatious graphic novel. *tee-hee*