Wednesday, August 26, 2015

The Last Supper......

Ohhh, my dear Toads, it is good to see you.  It is my week for a prompt, and it seems all I can do to fit any writing time in these days. Starting our own business and tying up loose ends with the old employer and being fair about it have been a bit of a stressful situation.  But the time is upon us to strike out on our own and do our own thing, epic fail or gargantuan success, we do it on our own terms.

....And what do I do dear friends when stress becomes overbearing, when the world seems to weigh a metric ton, when the voices in my head are in overdrive? I eat.  Never fail. Diet or no, when it gets to be too much I find a nice dinner out with my love is just the prescription to get me through.  We often discuss this question:

 "What if the this was your last meal, for whatever reason, and you knew it was your last meal, what would you eat?"

To date we have been very consistent, hers is Clams Linguini from Tomaso's in North Beach (San Fran). Mine is pretty pathetic, but it is pizza and wings from Fuzzy's Pizza here in Phoenix, that pizza is like crack to me.  You would think I would pick some other culinary deliciousness, but when the rubber meets the road, I'm eating as much Fuzzy's as I can if its my last meal.  I wonder if you never finish your meal if whatever is going to happen to you can happen? Sorry sidetracked, its not hard with me.

Tomaso's Clams Linguini

For today's prompt ladies and gentlemen, I challenge you to think of what your last meal would be, the setting you are in when you are eating it and any last thoughts, emotions, feelings that might be floating through your head as you are enjoying or not enjoying that last tempting morsel.  As always this writing can be in the form of a manufacturers sticker, legalese on the back of a credit card (please include your security code), a poem, a screenplay, business card.  I care not about the form or format, you know I just like to pick at those juicy brains of yours...the are so full of wonderful images.

Fuzzy's Pizza

So if you are inclined, if you are not too stressed out, join me in the prompt.  If you find this meal not to your liking or if your delicate sensibilities are offended, please write whatever you want, after all, that is whats important.  Love you each and every one!

Tuesday, August 25, 2015

The Tuesday Platform


Greetings to all, on this fine Tuesday. Spring has come early this year, and I could not resist sharing this local (South African) news story with you today.

Cape Town - Motorists are warned to look out for more than just pedestrians on city roads as endangered western leopard toads make their way to breeding ponds from their foraging areas. The City of Cape Town said in a statement the amphibians’ annual breeding migration period is between July and September. It warned motorists in the southern suburbs to reduce their speed, particularly on rainy nights, to avoid injuring the species. 
Read the rest of the report HERE.

There is even a non-profit organisation called 'TOAD NUTS'
which monitors their saftey!  (Source)
I am always heartened to see conservation so seriously. But back to the order of the day, which is our weekly open link. Please share a poem of your choice, and hop around to visit the other lily pads. Reduced speed is preferred. Have a wonderful day.