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Friday, April 18, 2014

Working On That

Mid-April inspiration: Donna the Buffalo

I feel certain that it strains my credibility to claim that Donna the Buffalo is one of my favorite bands, because, you know, I say that a lot. But the fact is that I’ve seen more Donna the Buffalo shows than any other artist, and used to actually follow them around as part of "The Herd." I still see them whenever I can, as their fantastic sound, happy vibe, and simple, upbeat message of love and peace, is intoxicating and incredibly uplifting.

Two great songwriters and musicians are the backbone of Donna the Buffalo: Tara Nevins and Jeb Puryear. If you are unfamiliar with their music, I encourage you to explore more of their wonderful songs. We are taking inspiration today from a newer song by Jeb, and you can see and hear Tara singing. Tara plays acoustic guitar, fiddle, and accordion, and Jeb plays electric guitar.

I feel like Jeb is singing directly to me when I listen to this. Hope you like it, too.


Looking forward to reading your (new) poems inspired by this song and message. Congratulations to all of you who are keeping up with 30 poems this April! Go, Toads! Go!

Thursday, April 17, 2014

Poem a Day: Creative Walls

Hello Toads, today we are going to play with collections.  Do you have a collection?  I collect tins.

 I recently purchased a book called Creative Walls by Geraldine James.   I am finally going to have a room of my own-my own creative space.   Yes, I can hear Virginia Woolf cheering me on.  In this book there are walls decorated with drift wood, purses, you name it.   Geraldine James started her career as a buyer for Harrods.   She now works at Selfridges-as a home buying manager.  She is passionate about collecting unusual things and decorating her home.

"My passion has always been creating beauty from nothing."
-Geraldine James

  "To produce any art you have to be prepared to expose yourself to judgment, to opinion, to, dare I say it, the whims of fashion. "  

  She invites you to imagine your walls as a blank canvas and create a special altar of your things.  It can be a mood board, a memory, a creation of an imagined vacation, nature collected and gathered and more.    Here are some of her unique collections beautifully arranged.  

You may use her photos- but please credit her work or use your own wall to collect your thoughts and arrange your poem.   If you would prefer a different photo- visit here for more images of her work. 

Poets-you can inspire your muse or arrange your own collection of feathers, seedlings, shells, purses, T-shirts or perfume bottles.   I hope if you are a collector-you will share your style statement with us.  So, gather and sort the flea market corners of your mind, or your great aunt's china cabinet, maybe your grandfather's pipes, or maybe your child collects items in his or her special space.  Draw our eye inward to see your or their creative wonders organized into a poem.  Today only Freelancers-
no rules!