The Goal of RT Membership:

1.  To always remain active. (Post, Respond, Comment weekly)
2.  To have fun and get to know one another.
3.  To offer positive and helpful feedback.
4.  To always be open to suggestions and change for the betterment of the group.

Members, or 'Toads', have committed themselves to actively participating in and contributing to this site. This can take the form of responding to the prompts and challenges, reviewing and commenting on the writing of other members, supporting new writers, and joining in discussions.  

The purpose of this site is to encourage writers and stimulate interest in poetry and poets.  We gladly welcome visitors and followers to participate in any prompts and all that is on offer here on a daily basis.  We are here to write and share.  

My thanks go out to all the wonderful people, past and present, who have brought the idea of Real Toads to life.