Friday, December 21, 2012

peace on earth

Hello, gentle Toads. After a week during which I found myself in some exceedingly dark places (and perhaps you did, too), I crave light and possibility. In the spirit of our 2013 collaborations, and assuming civilization survives this day, I hope you will be newly inspired by this time-worn standard performed by Bing Crosby and David Bowie. Peace and much love to each and every one of you.

Lyrics by Ian Fraser, Larry Grossman, and Alan Kohan
Peace on earth
Can it be
Years from now
Perhaps we’ll see
See the day of glory
See the day
When men of good will
Live in peace again
Peace on earth
Can it be

Every child must be made aware
Every child must be made to care
Care enough for his fellow man
To give all the love that he can

I pray my wish
Will come true
For my child
And your child too
We’ll see the day of glory
See the day
When men of good will
Live in peace again

Peace on earth--
Can it be?


LLM Calling said...

first off, big hugs Marian.
I love this, it should be the theme for every day, I'll wait to be inspired by the assembly I'm doing at school this morning about the light of the world coming to bring peace. then I'll be back to link up

Melanie said...

One of my favorites! I hope that whatever was getting to you its better now...believe me, I KNOW that feeling this time of year!

And thanks for following Dezzy over to my place...hope to see you again!

Karen said...

Thank you for this start to my day. Can it be? Let us pray.

Ella said...

Beautiful post! Thank you Marian :D

Tarun Reddy said...

Great writing prompt
I wrote something called "Angels of Neverlost."

Helen said...

Heartfelt wishes for a joyous holiday and a magical new year ..... I am blessed to have found 'the toads.'

Kerry O'Connor said...

@ Tarun Reddy. Your link has been removed since it leads to a private blog account which cannot be viewed by anyone. Change the setting on your blog and relink if you choose.

Tarun Reddy said...

Sorry about the earlier post. This link should work.

hedgewitch said...

Thanks for this Marian. Peace is so fragile, but love is strong. May everyone's holiday, however celebrated, bring a little light into all the dark places and show the way to a new day.
I will be back in the blog world after Christmas, I hope, but till then, I wish all our toads and friends the best of holidays.

Sherry Blue Sky said...

Lovely, Marian. Our hearts need to turn towards hope. Have a lovely Christmas with those beautiful children.

Fellow Toads, have a wonderful holiday! We will make merry in the garden come January.

Audrey Howitt aka Divalounger said...

Good morning--I hope all of you have a wonderful season. Thank you Marian for the prompt and thank you all for helping and guiding me this past year.

Marian said...

hello, everyone. i'm glad this resonates... a little part of me felt like i was cheating in posting this. :)
i'm on the run today, and haven't even thought about my own poem yet, but i'm glad to see some early responses and will be around to read later and throughout the coming days. please feel free to link up anytime and i promise to keep checking in and keep reading. so much love to all of you! thank you for buoying me. xoxo

Audrey Howitt aka Divalounger said...

Sorry--but I decided to pull mine--with kudos to Grace--Happy Holidays to everyone--

Jules said...

What a lovely garden - Am I Alice falling into a wonderful rabbit hole?

While I have a visitor who just fell asleep for an afternoon nap - I shall have to come back to hear the duet.

I hope to visit with more regularity to this lovely garden and with all who step lightly here.

Health, happiness and peace for all celebrations that are enveloped in light. May our New Year glow with continued and wonderful new friendships.

(Thank you for your visit Hannah)

Cheers Jules

Kerry O'Connor said...

I'm pretty sure this is not what you had in mind, Marian.

Hannah said...

Such a beautiful sentiment to be reflecting upon, Marian...a thoughtful and inspiring post..thank you.

Unknown said...

Marian, this is one of my all-time favourites, so great to see these talented singers of different generations, melding their voices.
Poetry always seems to be able to convey so much. Shared on my blog a poem I wrote & sent to a peaceful protest to save some trees in British Columbia, Canada's most western province. The poetry event helped to achieve a delay in the decision to sell the land!
Peace to you as this year draws to a close.:)

p said...

Ha! Love the lyrics!

Marian said...

i said i was looking for light, but mine is still rather dark.

Janine Bollée said...

Marian, thank you for the post and thank you all toads for the continued delight the Imaginary Garden gives throughout the year. It has been an inspiration to witness the cooperation and support the blog shares with all visitors.

Best wishes for happy and meaningful celebrations this festive season.

Shawna said...

Wow. That was a beautiful duet. Thank you for sharing it.

Susan said...

Hey. It's late, and as I sit up in the guest room of my parents' house, I feel like a little kid who could be caught any minute reading a book with a flashlight under the covers. So be it. There are so many worse things.

Marian, thank you for the prompt. I want to write my own song, but for the moment I had to get this out of my head. Remember: "This little Light of mine, I'm gonna let it shine . . . "

Wishing the best of the season to all Toads and their loved ones and their work places and fantasy worlds. Be well, Garden dwellers!

Susan said...

No sooner did I say it then i did it, greatly inspired by Grace. Sorry for posting two.

Grace said...

Thank you for the lovely response Susan ~

Wishing you all Blessed Christmas and Happy Holidays ~

Marian said...

love em!
i say if a prompt inspires you to write more than one, that's a good thing. post away!

Susie Clevenger said...

Thank you so much Marian...may this new year be a blessed one for everyone.

Unknown said...

Let there be Peace on Earth. Selah. And Namaste!

LLM Calling said...

everything changed in what I was planning to write, but I've been inspired and it seems to fit.

happy Christmas everyone, you're keeping me sane right now

Susan said...

I love all of these poems!