Thursday, March 19, 2020

Play It Again! in APRIL 2020

Greetings to all poets, wanderers and toads!
The 30 prompts in 30 days has been one of The Imaginary Garden's signature hosting events and I have given much thought to how we can continue this tradition now that the site is no longer offering prompts and challenges.

This is an extraordinary time, not just of our lives, but also of history. never before have we been reminded of how connected we all are, no matter how far apart we may live. The buzzword is "social distancing" - we who have shared this space for a decade know that such terminology is founded only in the literal, but in all other things, is a paradox. No distance exists between 'true minds'.

Therefore, I am giving advance notice that the Toads will be PLAYING IT AGAIN! through April 2020.
Every five days, I will post links to past prompts and challenges, imagined by our legendary members, and provide one Linky for all 5 days.

Furthermore, in my solo capacity, I am sharing my Skylover Wordlist for April, with an open invitation to make use of a word a day, taken from Dylan Thomas's collection, Deaths and Entrances.

It has been a long day without you, my friends... hope to see you again.