Thursday, August 22, 2019

A Guest Appearance from Kenia Santos

For today’s challenge, I present you with post-rock!

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Explosions in the sky. First Breath After Coma - It was the first band, the first post-rock song I heard, I don’t remember when or how it came to be. I remember I found it a great name for a band and I fell madly in love with the genre after that one song.

The first person to help shape the concept of Post-Rock was probably Simon Reynolds in 1994, when he used the term to characterize the album ‘Hex’ of the British band ‘Bark Psychosis’ writing for Mojo Magazine. Reynolds used it then used to describe a style of music that uses typical Rock instruments for non-rock purposes, a definition that approaches best what came next for the genre. 

Throughout the 20 years of ongoing development of post-rock, influences of all possible music genres, such as Jazz, Ambient, Progressive Rock, Krautrock, Post-Punk and temporary classical music can be found. Post-Rock soundscapes are created with the help of dynamics and tone modulation and the use of repetitive musical themes.

For today’s challenge, choose a song from the list below and use it as inspiration to write an untitled poem. You are expected to incorporate the song title in the body of your poem, though. You don’t need to listen to songs, but I highly recommend you to do so! (The link to the Youtube version is in the number - or access the Spotify Playlist provided below.)

1 Waiting and waltzing in airport terminals - Industries of the Blind
2 We age onward - Circadian Eyes
3 Unmake the wild light - 65daysofstatic
4 Waiting for the world to turn back - Tides from Nebula
5 If I had known it was the last - Codes in the Clouds
6 By moving the stars I have found where you are hiding - sleepmakeswaves
7 I just wanted to make you something beautiful - Industries of the blind 
8 Remember me as a time of the day - Explosions in the Sky
9 Jura - pg.lost
10 First breath after coma - Explosions in the Sky
11 The heart that fed - Caspian
12 When there were no connections - Tides from Nebula
13 Hymn for the greatest generation - Caspian
14 Law of unintended consequences - My Dad vs. Yours
15 The walk of thunder - Those Who Ride with Giants
16 What you love you must love now - The Six Parts Seven
17 They move on tracks of never-ending light - This Will Destroy You
18 Your hand in Mine - Explosions in the Sky
19 Dream is destiny - No Clear Mind
20 Every direction is North - El Ten Eleven

Tuesday, August 20, 2019

The Tuesday Platform: Forgetting!

Hope of a Condemned Man II by Joan Miro


No use, no use, now, begging Recognize!
There is nothing to do with such a beautiful blank but smooth it.
Name, house, car keys,

The little toy wife—
Erased, sigh, sigh.
Four babies and a cocker!

Nurses the size of worms and a minute doctor
Tuck him in.
Old happenings

Peel from his skin.
Down the drain with all of it!
Hugging his pillow

Like the red-headed sister he never dared to touch,
He dreams of a new one—
Barren, the lot are barren!

And of another color.
How they'll travel, travel, travel, scenery
Sparking off their brother-sister rears

A comet tail!
And money the sperm fluid of it all.
One nurse brings in

A green drink, one a blue.
They rise on either side of him like stars.
The two drinks flame and foam.

O sister, mother, wife,
Sweet Lethe is my life.
I am never, never, never coming home!

Plath, S. (2004). Ariel: The restored edition. New York: HarperCollins Publishers. All rights reserved.

Good day, poets! I hope you all are doing fine in your different parts of the world. I have been thinking about the condition of the world that we live in and where we are headed. In that context, reading Sylvia Plath doesn't provide a very hopeful image. But I go back to Ariel when everything stops making sense and I find my individuality embellished in the collective. Which are the poetry collections/poems/poets that you find yourself reading over and over again, especially when nothing else seems to work?

This is Anmol (alias HA) and I welcome you all to the Tuesday Platform at this Imaginary Garden With Real Toads. As many of you would know, it's an open link platform, which means that you can add a link to one poem, old or new, in the linking widget down below. After adding your link, do not forget to visit others' posts and share your words/comments with them. It's always been a pleasure hosting at this platform and reading your inspiring work.

I will see you all on the trail and I wish you a great week ahead.