Monday, December 12, 2011

Personal Challenge #2

Personal Challenge #2

The inimitable Fireblossom issued me the second Personal Challenge here at Toads (do I hear the collective sigh of relief from the rest of you Toads that you don't have to compose a poem to follow her 2 jewels of the previous week? I thought so!)  My challenge was to choose a song about which I felt strongly and write about my associations to it. 

After several days of mouse-like concentration, I finally decided upon "Silent All These Years" by Tori Amos. This song speaks to me about a part of myself that somehow got lost during my years of focusing on my career and early motherhood.

Stolen Voice by Saturated Insanity
Mermaid in Blue Jeans

I heard the song
of the crimson haired mermaid
I heard her voice
and mine echoed back

Once upon a time
I, too, traded my voice
to an evil witch
She had many names and
many faces
but they all looked like me
only without my flaws
without my scars

Mermaid in blue jeans
I cut off my tongue
to walk among mortals
I found love but
lost my muse
to the sea foam
I rent my blouse
where no one would see

I should have known
tattered garments leave the marrow
years of silence are
and the most evil witches
are those in the glass

 In my head
I kept hearing her song
I whispered a note
and the mermaids answered
I sang
and the glass shattered
I screamed
and heard my own voice
no longer silent

I sing
I sing
I sing of love
of sex
of death
of blood
and it's not always beautiful
and it's not perfect
but it's true.

Poetry by  Lolamouse


Kerry O'Connor said...

I instantly related to your words, which describe how you lost a part of yourself to marriage and motherhood - I honestly can barely remember my 30s. It has been quite a journey to rediscover myself and what I want from life, while the face in the mirror rapidly grows older. Your poem sinks into my marrow ( especially stanza 3).
Thank you for taking up the challenge in such an out-standing way!

Fireblossom said...

First, thank you for accepting the challenge that a certain evil witch gave you! (I love that line in your poem, about the most evil witch being the one in the mirror, though)

What a great response you've come up with. As someone who, except for a couple of very brief hiccups, stopped writing poetry for twenty years, you know I relate. I will will never shut up again, and I hope that you won't either. Sing and scream, woman. We love it when you do.

kaykuala said...

Jinsky Ma'am,
Such powerful verse! The realities in life in a nutshell. What we had experienced brought to life in very subtle terms. All these while I've read or seen cartoons of the husbands at the receiving end! It's only human that it equally affected both partners!


Scarlet said...

I love your words using the metaphor of the mermaid. I can also relate to your journey of self discovery and gaining self confidence. This is a beautiful response to the challenge ~

Marian said...

sing it from the rooftops!
love this. i read the (very creepy) little mermaid story as a child and now read it to my kids. such an apt metaphor.

Lolamouse said...

Kerry, Fireblossom, kaykuala, Heaven, Marian,
Thank you so much for your kind words! I struggled a bit with this challenge, first choosing the song, and then expressing how it affected me. I'm glad I was able to convey it.

Fireblossom: I actually expected a much more evil challenge from your devilish mind! This was difficult but not impossibly wackadoo! Merci.

Sherry Blue Sky said...

Yes, I AM relieved Fireblossom picked you! You rose to the challenge admirably and I can definitely relate to losing one's voice through the busy years of working and raising young children. So happy you are writing now, and we get to enjoy your work! Shine on, write on, and sing your song as loud as you can. We're listening:)

Maude Lynn said...

Gorgeous, brave, and very true write!

Kay L. Davies said...

Wonderful! You certainly rose to the challenge, and, yes, I'm relieved the rest of us get the day off. LOL

Mary Ann Potter said...

Mermaids and tattered garments and all those creatively-written images! I am impressed!

shawnacy said...

so amazing. the song is transcendent, and your words are courageous. the silences we hold within ourselves are like oceans, we put the years to our ears like seashells and hear the things we forgot to say.
excellent challenge and superbly met.