One must make a distinction however: when dragged into prominence by half poets, the result is not poetry, nor till the autocrats among us can be “literalists of the imagination”—above insolence and triviality and can present for inspection, imaginary gardens with real toads in them, shall we have it.

Monday, August 22, 2011

Calling All Toads

Open Link Monday

Welcome to the Real Toads open link.  I do hope that your Monday proves to be less stressful than mine.  The best antidote to workday blues is the opportunity to relax and read a poem of two. 
Both members and visitors alike are invited to share a poem, either old or new, and read a few of those so generously offered for our enjoyment.


Kerry O'Connor said...

One from my archive today (nearly spelled it 'toady'). I've been too stressed to write anything new this week, but this poem is an old favourite of mine, which few have read. Enjoy.

Marian said...

today, i feel like that toad looks.

Susannah said...

This is one I wrote for 'The Sunday Whirl' yesterday, (I managed to use all of the 13 words in the wordle.)

Kerry, I hope this week is less stressful for you. x

Marian, I loved your comment above! lol

I look forward to reading your poems. :-)

Old Raven said...

OKerry, I do so understand "The Stress." It is the reason that I have not written in the past 6 weeks. I am really happy to be here ... oh dear only six weeks and I am having a wee bit of trouble "linking" etc.

Sherry Blue Sky said...

I have been rattled all day and not accomplishing nearly what I need to do. However I just peeked in here and read some beautiful words.....and Old Raven's poem prompted me to post an oldie, that has an owl in it:)

Sherry Blue Sky said...

Susannah, I am having trouble reaching your site - it keeps telling me internet explorer cant access it - anyone else having a problem? I'll try to go in from my blogroll, see if that works.

Philip Thrift said...

"So-net etiquette sonnet" -- I wrote this morning.

Cad said...

Mine is so new, I'm late getting here!