Friday, October 5, 2012

Transforming Friday

Hello, Hannah here with the third round...rallying inspiration on the topic of exploration in point of view featuring the natives of plant and animal wildlife of the vegetation region of the Coniferous Forest.

According to my wonderfully aromatic “Classics Edition of the World Atlas-Hammond 1967,” the coniferous forests of Europe, Asia and North America cover about 9% of the earth’s land. The soil is poor for farming and the people live primarily on forestry, mining and the manufacture of wood products.

It may be outdated but I just love opening this giant-smelly book every five weeks for a brief snippet! :)

Then via Wikipedia and a Coniferous Forest Biome link: The largest Coniferous forest exists in a ring in Alaska, Canada,  northern Europe, and northern Asia, in a ring in the Northern Hemisphere.  This forest is called the "Taiga".

Taiga , also known as the boreal forest, is a biome characterized by coniferous forests consisting mostly of pines, spruces and larches.

The taiga is found throughout the high northern latitudes,
(Source=Wiki Commons |Author=GeForce3 )

The Coniferous Forest is a forest of Conifers, the Pine tree is the most common example.  Conifer leaves conserve water with the thick, waxy layer that covers their leaves, also known as needles.  The vegetation in the Coniferous forest is small in size, but large enough to feed the vast herbivore population.  Most of these animals survive the brutal winters by migrating or hibernating.

Average Annual Rainfall- 14-29.5 in.
Average Temperatures in the Summer- 57.2°F
Average Temperatures in the Winter- 14°F

View from Mt. Huangshan, Anhui, China
(Source=Wiki Commons\Author=Ariel Steiner)

White Spruce taiga, Denali Highway, Alaska Range, Alaska
(Source=Wiki Commons/Author=''Picea glauca'' - NOAA photo {{PD-USGov-NOAA}}

In other words, feel free to embody a tree!

On another note, if you wish to entertain the idea of animals most of the animals are herbivores, however some carnivores and omnivores are there, too.  Some of the animals in the Coniferous Forests include the red fox, moose, snowshoe hare, great horned owl, and the crossbill.

Images of the inhabitants of this region for inspiration...

(Source= |Author=USDA Forest Service)

(Source=Wiki Commons/Author=Peter Trimming)

Oh, this one...leaves me breathless!! Gorgeous creature.

I’d better stop or I’ll get carried away...I’m sure you will all find some amazing plant and animal life to depict in your poetic voices so I’ll let you at it!!

Actually one more thing...If you’d like, (I know I enjoyed it), here’s a wonderfully inspiring place to visit...the BBC NATURE Wildlife link on Coniferous Forests.

This could be your go-to link!! Wowsers...packed with forest eye-candy. ;) Although I don’t think you can repost their material...still great for looking.

Also, they speak on the topic of wildfire and they have audio clips of Coniferous woodland atmosphere!!

Okay...enough a fresh-original work written for this prompt, (no oldies), be sure to have fun and throw on your trekking gear to visit the forest of neighboring blogs!

Happy Friday, toads and pond dwellers!!!


Jinksy said...

Does this make me a foxy lady? LOL

Unknown said...

I'm on my way to catch a plane. Will be without internet access, so will visit your posts on Monday.

Kerry O'Connor said...

Oooh! I love the foxy loxy! This is another super POV challenge, Hannah. I'm so sorry I'm not up to it right now, but I hope to return to it tomorrow.

Sherry Blue Sky said...

Lovely, Hannah. I so love these visits to various intriguing places. I will write to this, later today or tomorrow. Yippee!

hedgewitch said...

Hannah, this is a wonderful prompt..I am flat on my back 23 out of 24 hours atm with some annoying (but not serious) back issues, so probably won't be able to take it up till later, but I love your topic here.

Hannah said...

Oh, Hedge...I hope that gets better...back pain is awful.

I really appreciate your dropping in Kerry and Sherry, too to let me know...I look forward to reading you both!!

Thank you for writing Jinsky and Kim, (have a great trip...see you Monday)!

Ella said...

I love this Hannah! Off to gather inspiration! Yup, I'm going to go outback and hug a tree ;D lol
I just hope a damn squirrel doesn't toss Hickory nuts at me~

Hedge-I'm having some issues, too!
I hope you have some pain meds~ I'm sending you a healing aura of light!
Kerry, too

Janine Bollée said...

Beautiful post full of gorgeous images. Inspiring. Did you know that the Appalachian mountains were at one time attached to our Scottish Highlands? Both the oldest mountains in the world. Talk about being connected.

Helen said...

I live in the land of forests ... fires a real threat. Enjoy your weekend, Toads!

Daydreamertoo said...

LOL.... I add the link and go to comment to see that Jinksy has asked a question with exactly what I've named the title of my
Thanks Hannah.

Unknown said...

Hannah, thanks so much for these amazing photos and links! It is just a perfect finish for Friday & so inspired me to write a little poem.
Now, more thought to Thanksgiving weekend here in Canada. Best!

Laurie Kolp said...

Great prompt, Hannah- thanks!

Mary said...

I wrote about the humble grey squirrel, which - though I am not officially living in the coniferous forest - lives here.

Susie Clevenger said...

Love the prompt Hannah. I went with a fall theme again. Since, I live near the gulf coast I don't get to see all the trees turn colors. I have to return to memories of Missouri and Oklahoma in their autumn glory.

Susan said...

I let memory interfere with research here--just couldn't help it. And then, my blog also refused to cooperate, inserting small green caps where I commanded Georgian upper and lower case in bold black as usual. Isn't that odd?? I may be able to change its mind later. Happy Weekend, Columbus Day and its survivors, Autumn if you have it . . .

Mystic_Mom said...

I hope I did your wonderful prompt justice Hannah!

Kay L. Davies said...

Oh, Hannah, what a fabulous prompt. I wish I'd been up to participating on Friday. I love the coniferous forests of Canada so much, and have seen the taiga in Russia as well—so splendid—and am looking forward to seeing the European forests soon.
Perhaps I can come back to your beautiful photos with some ideas of my own this week.