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Friday, March 1, 2013


Hello, Toads! Sick of me yet? No? Well, good! Because it’s time for another music prompt! This week we will be traveling to Nashville, Tennessee to learn about and be inspired by singer-songwriter TIM EASTON.

I was introduced to Tim Easton back in 2002 when he opened for the great John Hiatt, on an evening that turned out to be my first date with my husband. We will be celebrating our tenth wedding anniversary next week... and ten years of enjoying Tim Easton’s music. We’ve seen him live a couple times since (though not lately, come back to western MA, Tim!). His performances are very special; I encourage you to explore Tim Easton’s music and see him live if you have the opportunity.

Here’s what Tim says about his music in connection his recently-released retrospective, Before The Revolution:

“I like my rock and roll to have a little porch-party in it and I like my folk music to have some distortion. That’s been a constant in all of my records. I am grateful that I get to make them with such amazing artists and friends. If you hear a story or a lyric that rings true or makes you happy or sad, I’m glad I got the job done for you. My revolution was recorded. Thanks for listening.”

photo by Heidi Ross
Tim Easton has a full catalogue of wonderful records and songs, including “Next To You,” “Burgundy Red” (with the Freelan Barons), “Dear Old Song and Dance,” (“I’m getting older, and learning who I am, and waking up sober in Amsterdam...”) and “Poor, Poor LA” among many others. There’s a terrific live Tim Easton performance on WNKU “Studio 89” (from Northern Kentucky University radio). And I’m sharing with you a special recording of my very favorite Tim Easton song, “Rewind.” It’s a story-song containing many points of inspiration and no pressure or anything, but it makes me shiver every time I watch this.

I do hope you’ll browse around on Tim Easton’s website and listen to some of his music on YouTube. I think you’ll be glad you did. Be inspired, link up your (new) poem in the Mr. Linky below, and I look forward to reading your writing, as always.


Margaret said...

WOW!!! I love him and thanks for introducing me to him. I had fun with this wicked little piece AND I get to share my coveted RED boots with you all!

Margaret said...

They are on my wish list.... sigh

Emma Major said...

I was really transported by that, thanks for a great prompt, not sure yet where it's

Helen said...

Thanks for the intro .. everything coming out of Nashville is magical as far as I'm concerned!!!

Including the ABC series 'Nashville.' Hopelessly addicted ~ due to the massive amount of music they manage to give us each week.

Marian said...

glad you like this! Tim Easton is really special, sigh.
Margaret, red boots! wanna see you in those. bet those boots are made for walkin' :)

Ella said...

I really like his music! Thank you for sharing :D

Susie Clevenger said...

Love him Marian! I am now a fan! Thanks!

Kerry O'Connor said...

Several lines of the song stuck with me. One became the first line of my poem. Thanks for the intro to another amazing artist, Marian.

Marian said...

i'm glad you all liked this, did i mention i love him?

even though it was my big idea, it felt weird to me to write a poem inspired by this song, as i think it is brilliant poetry and storytelling on its own. :)

Kim Nelson said...

Can you tell The Good Husband has been traveling a lot? sheesh!