Saturday, July 23, 2011

Figurative Language

D.A. Powell wrote a great article on a few years ago that breaks down the different methods and uses of figurative writing in poetry. I recommend this article to anyone that is looking for new avenues of expression in their writing, and every time I read it I get something different out of it.

The Great Figure: On Figurative Language by D.A. Powell



Kerry O'Connor said...

Thanks for posting this link - Powell is such an inspiration for 21st Century poetry. I was struck by his basic premise:
"If rhythm is the heart and breath of poetry, then surely figurative language is its beguiling and sexy skin and musculature." I think I lean heavily on figurative language in my own attempts at writing, as it awakens the imaginative journey.

This is a great article well worth reading.

Philip Thrift said...

This was a great article to read, and has lots to think about in applying its ideas to ones own poetry.

Ella said...

Thank you for sharing this with us~
Great read with lots of tips!