Thursday, December 27, 2012

The Year that was....Interviews with Toads!

Photo courtesy of Photobucket.  Psy-Gangnam Style.  

Garden Dwellers the time has come for us croak and bleat our way into a New Year.

I have many interviews and a few extra surprises lined up for Thursdays in the coming months.  Before delving into a new batch of interviews for 2013, I thought we could use this day to revisit those brave toads who have already faced the spotlight in 2012.  

I proudly present the year that was in Real Toads interviews.  Each name below is a link to the interview with that IGWRT member or follower.   Take some time to catch up with the series or to revisit your favorites...or perhaps you may use the extra time to fulfill the Dubstep Goat challenge I issued yesterday.....

Viva la, my muddy buddies!

Mama Zen
Coal Black
Susie Clevenger
Lola Mouse
Mary Ann Potter
Izy Gruye
Corey Rowley
Hannah Gosselin
Shanyn Silinski
Peggy Goetz
Mary Mansfield
Susan Chast
Kerry O'Connor
Tim Schaefer
De Jackson
W.K. Kortas
Teresa Perin


Margaret said...

What a great idea. Perhaps I'll try again with the Dubstep Goat challenge... for some reason it is the hardest one of the entire year for me. Perhaps my mind is full of too much eggnog :)

Susan said...

Ah, Isadora! You shamed me back into yesterday's challenge, but I ended up learning and going past my limit . . . Your interview series also stretches the edges in most refreshing ways. Izy, I am forever grateful! Thank you for the links!

Black Jack's Carol said...

I just discovered your blog.. a most interesting one.. read two of the interviews (the first and the last).. will be back.. have never written poetry so will lurk for a bit if that's okay..

Kerry O'Connor said...

What a wonderful idea to do a retrospective, Izy!
Thank you for this, and I'm looking forward to all the other cats you pull out the bag.

PS. Gotta say I love Margaret's rocking style in the new profile pic!

Isadora Gruye said...

Kerry: agreed on Margaret's new style.

I hope you all enjoy the archived interviews. I think it is best to add here that I am not the only Toad Member who has carried out these interviews. It was a group effort and each interview has the unique imprint of the interviewer and the interviewee. I only hijacked the series most recently to explore a new format!

Hannah said...

Agreed on Margaret's pic!!! Makes me want to get spiffy! ;)

Thank you for bringing these all together here, Izy!!!

Peace to all Toads! :)

vivinfrance said...

It's been a very good year for poetry. Your list proves it!

Karen said...

Thanks for posting these again. Now I can go back and see who I missed.

Thanks to all of the toads who have shared the garden with me this year. You keep me writing in a safe haven.

Ella said...

This looks like a great recap of the year! I think we need to toast n' cheer to the Year of the Toad! ;D