Friday, February 14, 2014

Artistic Interpretations with Margaret - "Queen Bee" Art Project with Toril

Luna and Shaman Rabbit, by Toril Fisher
Welcome to "Artistic Interpretations" with Margaret.  For February's challenge, I introduce you to an artist, farmer, and dear friend, Toril Fisher.

She is currently working on a series of paintings rehabilitating old beehive lids she found in the woods. They have become her canvas for compositions filled with images of beauty and interconnectedness of all living creatures and our amazing Mother Earth.  

She selected beehive lids with a strategic purpose in mind.  Toril states, "With the USDA de-regulation of 24d herbicide (50% of the mixture of 24d is Agent Orange), we continue to see a systemic failure to protect the health of our environment and our children.  Additionally, bee populations are in rapid decline as a result of mono-crop cultures and the increased use of these dangerous chemicals." 

Her hope is that by placing images of our relationship to nature on the homes which housed these vital and beautiful creatures, she might begin a conversation.

Gatitude, by Toril Fisher
Toril studied painting and metals at the University of Wisconsin-Madison and completed her BFA at Pacific Lutheran University in Washington State.  She currently resides in LaFarge, Wisconsin and manages a small farm, Second Cloud on the Left Farm, with her husband Drew and her parents.  The farm specializes in growing all heirloom, endangered, and rare varieties of produce.

You can find links to her farm blog and Facebook page via the above link.   Toril not only has a way with paint, but a way with words.  I adore her blog articles on Bernice Schroeder, "Queen of the Kickapoo"  Part One and Part Two, and the painting below somehow reminds me of Bernice Schroeder (my own interpretation).

Kalidescope Creek, by Toril Fisher
When asked for an artistic statement, Toril hesitates to write a formal statement about her work for fear of making frozen comments that potentially gain too much authority on what is depicted in her work.

Her work here and others she is currently working on will be on display and for sale at the Driftless Cafe in Viroqua, WI in May 2014.   Each painting is $300 + shipping.  Toril will donate a percentage of her sales from this show to the Xerces Society.  The Xerces Society advocates on behalf of threatened, endangered, and at-risk invertebrates and their habitats.  From the world's rarest butterflies, caddisflies that live solely in one stream, to declining bumble bee populations, the Xerces Society is dedicated to protecting invertebrates and the ecosystems that depend on them.

Star Valley Flower Farm, by Toril Fisher
For this challenge, please use these images for inspiration to promote Toril's desire to begin a conversation about the beauty and interconnectedness all living creatures share with our amazing Mother Earth.  

Please credit and link Toril Fisher as inspiration for your poem(s) by linking her website, Second Cloud on the Left Farm

I prefer all poems be freshly penned, however, if you have a previous effort that is screaming for a re-write, please feel free to do so.

Please link specific post to "Mr. Linky" below and feel free to write to more than one image.  As always, Fridays can be hectic, so please feel free to submit late and remember, Monday is "Open Link" here at the Garden.    I look forward to your artistic interpretations. 

Uprising, by Toril Fisher


Fireblossom said...

Mercy! 17 links already. Is that right???

Anyway, happy Friday everyone.

Marcoantonio Arellano (Nene) said...

beautiful art. wonderful colors

Kerry O'Connor said...

PLEASE NOTE: I've had to resize pictures and add in a new Mr Linky because of a glitch. If you have already linked a poem to this post but do not see your poem listed, please link up again. I am sorry for any inconvenience.

Unknown said...

Thanks for introducing us to Toril's art - beautiful!

Margaret said...

Thank Kerry!

Ella said...

Toril's art is so filled with heart-a perfect pairing for today! Thank you Margaret! Happy Valentine's Day everyone~

hedgewitch said...

What gorgeous artwork, Margaret, and such a great cause. I have not been writing much of late but will see if anything bubbles up.Thanks for the introduction to Toril and her work.

Jim said...

Thank you Margaret, for introducing us to Toril Fisher. More so to her noble cause.
Her pictures are soooo full of meaning.

Susan said...

You know those times when an image sparks a memory that has been latent and the words spill? This was one of those times. Thank you, Margaret. I love Toril's art, work, and mission and sent this prompt to the Harvest store where I pick up my farm produce and meats.

Maude Lynn said...

These are really gorgeous!

Susie Clevenger said...

What gorgeous art!!

Kay L. Davies said...

I'd love to see the display of paintings at the Driftless Cafe. I'd love to see a place named Driftless Cafe. How wonderful.
I have chosen a painting, and hope to write to it. I can feel nudges of inspiration, but they might be caused by too much chocolate. Valentine's Day, like Easter, is bad for me because I have no power with which to resist chocolate.

Gail said...

Wonderful art.

Unknown said...

I adore Toril's vivid use of color! thank you for sharing this artist and her work, Margaret.

Margaret said...

Dick Jones - I removed your link as it was not in specific response to this challenge. If you mis-linked, please relink appropriate poem. I did scan your blog, but couldn't find one.

We do have an "Open Link Monday" that any poem written by you may be shared. Hope to see you back here again and linked correctly. ;)

selah said...

Margaret this creation of delightful! Toril's art is amazing and I never would have known ~~ thanks for sharing all this talent. My mom's name is Lillian and several times to honor her....I've made reference to "Lily's Pad" so when I opened up here....well, really touched my heart :) Your efforts here are much appreciated.

Hannah said...

This is such beautiful work!! Wow...I love the colors and the rich and imaginative.

Thank you for the challenge, Margaret and thank you very much Toril for sharing your gorgeous work.

Anonymous said...

excellent cause, love the artwork. will see what can do - my oldest turned 15! yesterday so spending time this weekend. ~

Kerry O'Connor said...

Mine is a combo of prompts so I've linked it up here and for the Mini-Challenge.

Audrey Howitt aka Divalounger said...

Gorgeous artwork-- and thank you!