Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Personal Challenge, Ella

When Sherry challenged me to share my art and write a poem-I breathed a sigh of relief.  I was tagging my art to submit to Stampington & Company.   I had just finished making three journals for A Gift for an Artist Challenge.   Sherry loves nature-my new nickname for her is WOW-Wild Owl Woman.  She is very insightful and full of ideas.    I decided to let Sherry pick the art to inspire my poem.  I have written articles about what inspired my art and always find it revealing.  I was intrigued to see how my art would  inspire a poem.  I think all creative types need a place to pen their hopes and dreams-this inspired my journals.
Hope keeps us going on our journey, no matter how many storms we weather.  

Forbidden Love

Lunar tickles light n'
embraces Sacred Oak's
bare branches
 Lunar swims towards night owl perch
as Oak scribbles love notes 
soul's cross illuminates the sky
Oak speaks of velvet purple mountains
red Cardinal's feathers
n' dandelion wishes.

Jealousy rained on Oak's green penned poems
Hurricane Mariah bent his frame
he snapped into fragments.
A man came-lugged him away
Lunar cried pearl tears missing
his board bare shoulders.

Man carved Oak's trunk
to sail blue's labyrinth haze
Lunar discover Oak and mirrored light
to wash over him-together again.
Quicksilver flash captures their love
salt wore out his bow
Landlubber again. 

Another man bought scraps
serenaded by the sea-LM and SO had secretly eloped.
Man carved a walking stick 
to witness celestial ballet-but no
an Oak wood umbrella 
to catch Lunar's Swarovski crystal tears. 

 A famous poet tends their
 children, in her moonlit garden.
She keeps Lunar's and Sacred Oak's secret.
Green stars perform lullaby in a clothesline of blue
-as proud parents watch. 
©Ellen Wilson

Thank you Sherry!


Jinksy said...

Don't know which I liked best - your stripey ocean waves, or your lacy umbrella canopy and crystal pearl tears! What a fun post. :-)

Unknown said...

hi ella !! you are so talented!! are these oil paints?? i love how the inspiration made you paint and then the painting inspired a love story!! what a cycle!! it was a beautiful poem... took me to a different moonlit world!! i wonder thouugh whats the "in between lines" meaning here...

Kerry O'Connor said...

Such a journey you have captured here from tree to ship to walking stick, all in shades of blue and pearl!
Beautiful words and images.

Kerry O'Connor said...

I am just adding a quick note here to remind our visitors that this is an individual challenge, which is why there is no Linky. Furthermore, all images are copyrighted to Ella at Ella's Edge and may not be used without her permission.

Marian said...

yowza, Ella! this is so lush, i really like it. it begs for multiple readings and contemplation. i'm reading it now in morning, but want to read it again later, in dark before bed. i think the most arresting image is

salt wore out his bow
Landlubber again.

truly, this evokes much and i am impressed. i always like your style, and this is no exception--letting that Ella flag fly high 'n stuff! ;)

Sherry Blue Sky said...

Ellie, this is simply wonderful! Your art is, as always, so imaginative, original and beautiful - love the deep blues - and the romantic story you wove from them is glorious, intricate and romantic. As Marian says, a great bedtime story! Thank you so much for accepting the challenge and flying with it - and during such busy graduation and orientation weeks, too. The result is beautiful!

Ella said...

Thanks Marian! Funny, my horoscope said my words would be more child like. It reads like a story-thank you, though. I struggled more with this poem than the art. Usually it is the other way around?!

Carrie Van Horn said...

Your artwork is wonderful Ella...and your beautiful words capture it upon the canvas of the mind one more time. You have such an amazing talent!!

Ella said...

Hi Carrie-Thank you-you are very kind! It is a composition notebook. I stretched denim and glued and stitched stitching fabric, tulle, lace, library cards and odds n' ends. I did add some Cobalt blue paint to the denim to give more depth. I loved using blue jeans to create the sky.

Sherry-You are very kind! I wish I hadn't so many obstacles during this time, but life is like that. I do fear it reads like a child like fable, but may try again another time to see what the wonders of art can do to inspire my poetry. Thank you Sherry for being you!

Kerry-Thank you! You are sweet~
Sherry didn't know I was going away to the mountains. Life has been bittersweet to see one book end and another book open. My daughter graduating and a few days later we were at her college Orientation-seeing her new home. My head is still in the clouds-it shows~

Arushi-You are kind! No, it is denim-I did paint the fabric with Cobalt blue acrylic paint. I stitched cloth on the fabric and glued on details to add depth. It was suppose to be a gift for an artist. A home to pen wishes and dreams-yes dream journals! The betweens-are the hints of Emily Dickinson. I know she tended her garden by moonlight. I wanted the idea of a forbidden romance between the moon and the sacred oak to lead to her being their children's nanny. Yes, the keeper of the Moonflowers. Thank you so much-you are kind~ I do want to paint with oils-how did you know ;D

Jinksy-You always make me smile! Thank you :D

Jim said...

Ella, you will never know how much I enjoyed this poem you wrote. I read it with my five eyes eating your words and one watching the art.

I have lived these lines, one major difference was no boat but rather a hot rod Ford. We we even did the elopement bit (had to forge birth certificate and pick a friendly soul from the street to vouch for us at the court house) and the lullaby bit with twins.

My ex might also enjoy this, our young marriage lasted thirteen years. We shared a lot of 'adventure', I would recommend forbidden love either in poem form for the imagination or in reality for thrill, suspense, and a feeling that only a very tender and intense love can bring.

Fireblossom said...

Wonderful art, Ella!

Ella said...

Jim-I loved all that you shared-how sweet! Love is a risk, but we rarely hear anyone say-they wouldn't do it!
Thank you for sharing your world-with us-so much better than my poem!

FB-Thank you! I have been surrounded by people. My daughter graduated and off to Orientation. When we returned, my house became filled with teens. This should of been a tighter poem-but my mind was in the clouds. I have photos to prove it ;D

Grace said...

This is such a lovely response Ella ~ Your artwork and imagery are stunning specially the ending ~ A gem to read tonight ~

Anonymous said...

gorgeous all around, Ella ~

Susan said...

"Forbidden Love"though an adult poem has a neat parallel feeling to "the owl and the pussycat," who of course prevail whereas your two are interrupted by nature's jealousy of sweet love. I love that the broken oak journeys as boat, cane and umbrella and that moon's tears are precious pearls. What a fable you have created. The link of art and fable is perfect. And I love that a poet tends the forbidden love children. I have a clothes line in every performance piece I performed--oh 20-30 years ago! (Is it BROAD bare shoulders?)

Ella said...

Thank you Susan! You are very kind and I loved what you shared! How fab is that. Yeah, I screwed up on Broad/Board. A play on words-I would love to hear more about this time in your life! It sounds magical~

Grape-Thank you! I did mess up-but it is a miracle I wrote anything at all.

Grace-Thank you! Yes, I do think it would make better children's book. I thought someone would think of the book, The Giving Tree. You are sweet~

Hannah said...

Oh, Ella - - and Sherry!! This is just such a creative post...such a joy to finally catch up here and read this, enjoy the imagery and words paired here. So inspiring! I can see a whole series of these, Ella...truly!! Thank you, Ella for sharing your vision and Sherry for picking the greatness!! :)