Thursday, October 29, 2015

Artistic Interpretations with Margaret - Washington D.C.

Welcome to "Artistic Interpretations".  I have just spent five days in Washington D.C. (traveling home today) and daily added a few impressions that captured my attention.  This first image, iconic Marilyn Monroe, is from a previous trip to D.C.  The rest are impressions of the area around DC. The monuments we are seeing on a night tour tonight so I don't have them for this challenge.

Feel free to respond to these images in any way you like.

Please post an original poem to "Mr. Linky" below and feel free to write to more than one image.  Remember to be friendly and visit the other poets.   As always, I am looking forward to your artistic interpretation.

Colonial star beads 1552 Peru

Jones Point Lighthouse 

Khipu. Inka knotted strings for communication/recording.  Never had writing system

JFK and Jackie graves. Perpetual flame at Arlington National Cemetry below Robert E Lees home

Unique silhouette at Arlington Cemetery

Highlands Gorilla at Zoo

Bench in DC. Just because it's pretty


Fireblossom said...

Are there supposed to be more than one image?

Kerry O'Connor said...

Seems we had a self-replicating Mr Linky, but I think I have managed to fix it and also resize the photos.

Thanks for sharing this array of very different photos, Margaret.

Fireblossom said...

Yay Kerry! Now I see them.

Margaret said...

Thank you Kerry! My phone is not the ideal gadget for creating a challenge. We are still on vacation and my battery just died as I was posting!

Anonymous said...

Great pictures - I had to think for awhile (always a painful process)

brudberg said...

To me one picture was a complete story... I had to take that one.. :-) Those eyes in the gorilla.. amazing.

Gail said...

Wonderful prompt. Thank you.

Carol Campbell said...

I was raised in this area of the country. Your great prompt brought back some memories!

Hannah said...

Thank you, for the inspiration...I'll be back to's waiting on me now! :)

Jim said...

I am glad that you got to go, Margaret. Good for you !!
We like it too and have a granddaughter in college there (Georgetown) whom we should pay a visit to. Arlene put a 20 in her Halloween card but we know that won't go very far there. ("I know, to whom we should pay a visit" but I do things like I do.). :)

Susie Clevenger said...

Beautiful photos Margaret! Sorry to be so late, but with Charlie home, recuperating from back surgery, my muse and time don't seem to click.