Thursday, September 15, 2016

Bits Of Inspiration ~ If Death Were A Woman

Hello dear Toads and visitors. Today I would like to introduce you to Ellen Kort.
She was Wisconsin's first Poet Laureate, serving from 2001-2004. She was the author of eleven books and eight collections of poetry. Ms. Kort's poetry has been performed by the New York City Dance Theatre and recorded on audio by Ellen Burstyn, Ed Asner and Alfre Woodard.

While reading some of her poetry I came across the poem, If Death Were A Woman. I was intrigued by the concept and delighted by her approach to something we often coin as bleak. Below is an excerpt from the poem.

I'd want her to come for me
smelling of cinnamon  wearing
bright cotton purple maybe  hot
pink a red bandana in her hair
She'd bring good coffee papaya juice
bouquet of sea grass  saltine crackers
and a lottery ticket  We'd dip
our fingers into moist pouches
of lady's slippers crouch down to see
how cabbages feel when wind bumps
against them in the garden

Who would the woman named death look like, Helen Mirren?

She actually portrays death in the upcoming movie, Collateral Beauty.

Or beautiful strength

Or sassy

Whatever Lady death is I want you to write about her. You can approach the topic in whatever manner you choose. It could be physical death, death to eating your favorite food. ( I can no longer eat chocolate. There was much moaning as I parted ways with one of my favorite sweets.) It could be the death of a summer garden, a cherished pet, your favorite television show. 

As always write and share an original poem. Drop it into Mr. Linky. Take time to visit your fellow poets to read their responses to the challenge.

I will be gone when this is posted. I am attending  Indie Vengeance Day (an independent publisher/author event) in Frisco, Texas. I will read and comment when I return. Thanks everyone for participating!!


Jim said...

A nice choice. I'll vote for Sassy and dream of those wind bumped cabbages as I eat my own saltine crackers, part of my nightly medicine and other pills routine. They and the doctors have been keeping me from my own death. I may write along those lines?
Thank you again, Susie. Enjoy Frisco. Enjoy mingling with your writer friends, drive safely.

Outlawyer said...

What great pics and cool poem, thanks, Susie. k.

Gillena Cox said...

Quite an interesting prompt. Thanks for the excerpt really enjoyed it, still have to read the whole poem though, now that I've posted I will

much love...

Kerry O'Connor said...

Such an innovative concept, Susie.

Stacie Eirich said...

Wow! I've enjoyed reading others offering so far -- amazing prompt, very sensual and invites a romantic view of death that I feel inspired to explore! Now--off to get writing! Thanks Susie.

Rosemary Nissen-Wade said...

That looks a like a movie I want to see!

Fabulous prompt!

And guess what, I tried to write exactly that poem, many years ago! (IT began, 'My Lady Death walks out on stage – which was about the only line I was happy with.) I wonder if I can resurrect it. :)

I am just back last night from a trip away (and about to have breakfast now) but will hope to come back with a poem a little later on.

brudberg said...

This is a prompt I would love to do... alas I will be busy, today and tomorrow, so I might have to keep this in the back-burner for a while...

hedgewitch said...

This is a wonderful concept for a challenge Susie. I wish I could find words for it. Maybe someday. I am really at a dry point atm--but I loved this, and the poem by Kort.

Anonymous said...

holy crap I cannot believe where that went--I did a poem "free-write"...just went for it. That was great!

Fireblossom said...

*comes running in five minutes before close*