Saturday, October 29, 2016

Creatures of the night

Hello amphibian friends, now when our pond might be covered with a thin layer of ice, and daylight is scarce as candy in a grave we approach Halloween and All Saint Nights. Now it's time to write about the dead and undead. I don't mean the cuteness of a trick or treat, but the real fear a hides beneath your bed. Bring out the beasts at night and make it hard for me to sleep. It could be vampires, ghosts or werewolves. It can be zombies or it can be just the scene of a graveyard at night. Imagine that trees are claws or the wind itself a demon’s breath.

The Vampire Bride [I am come-I am come!]

Henry Thomas Liddell

“I am come—I am come! once again from the tomb,
   In return for the ring which you gave;
That I am thine, and that thou art mine,
   This nuptial pledge receive.”

He lay like a corse ‘neath the Demon’s force,
   And she wrapp’d him in a shround;
And she fixed her teeth his heart beneath,
   And she drank of the warm life-blood!

And ever and anon murmur’d the lips of stone,
   “Soft and warm is this couch of thine,
Thou’lt to-morrow be laid on a colder bed—
   Albert! that bed will be mine!”

If you want an extra challenge use the beasts as metaphor. A vampire might be illicit love, the ghost your conscious like old Marlow was for Scrooge or the werewolf stand for loneliness.

The Vampire by Edvard Munch

You can also write from the beast’s persona. Walk with the zombies, stalk with the vampire or howl with the werewolf. Watch the corpse bride and delight in decomposing flesh.

Link up your poem below and have fun choosing tricks instead of treats.


Kerry O'Connor said...

A perfect prompt for this weekend, Bjorn.

Magaly Guerrero said...

What Kerry said, Bjorn. Yum!

brudberg said...

Ha.. we need some nightmares don't we... I will come back with something later.

Sanaa Rizvi said...

Hey everyone,

Hope you guys are in the mood for chills, sharing my poem "Succubus" thank you Bjorn for this delicious and spooky prompt! Happy Halloween (in advance) 💀

Lots of love,

Kim M. Russell said...

This looks such fun, Kerry and Bjorn, but I am currently off the radar as I found out Friday that my children's novel has been longlisted in the Mslexia Children's Novel Competition and I have to print out the full manuscript and send it with a synopsis by 14th November. I have some tidying up to do, as well as the on-line poetry course I'm still doing, so I will be limiting my WordPress activities for a couple of weeks.

Love Kim

brudberg said...

Wonderful news Kim... but of course we will miss you... remember it's never too later writing about vampires

Kim M. Russell said...

Thank you, Bjorn!

Gillena Cox said...

Toads, I did a very not-scary-at-all vampire limerick

Wishing a happy Halloween to all who celebrate

much love...