Friday, September 12, 2014

Artistic Interpretations with Margaret - Mineral Rainbow

Welcome to Artistic Interpretations with Margaret.  Welcome to a portion of our Earth's mineral rainbow.  Some minerals always come in the same color.  For example, malachite is always green, rhodochrosite a shade of pink or red.  Others, such as quartz, are normally colorless but boast a rainbow of hues if they contain impurities, inclusions, or defects in their atomic structures.  

A couple months ago, I visited D.C.'s Smithsonian Natural History Museum and stood transfixed in front of the mineral gallery which has a wonderful display of many beauties in the center of a large room and also a stunning "rainbow" tribute behind glass (above).   

This challenge is wide open.  Google their meanings, history, places which mine them, etc… - respond to the images below in any way you like.  For this challenge I do require a new poem.  Please link your specific post to "Mr. Linky" below.  Friday is often a hectic day, so please feel free to submit late and remember, Monday is "Open Link" here in the Garden.   I look forward to your artistic interpretations.

Calcite, cobaltian
Quartz - Amethyst


Fireblossom said...

You rock hard, Margaret! *groan* lol

Margaret said...

Groan. Ha ha

Lolamouse said...


That's always been my favorite room in the Smithsonian! I was so fascinated by it as a child and am still as an adult!

Jim said...

I like your crystal show here. Not all mineral are in pretty crystal shapes. My ambition is to OWN a piece of meteorite. I will often bring home a rock or two or more from our travels. But then they scatter and I forget which was from where. China (green--jade??--probably low grade) and Hawaii (magma piece from the still active volcano) and a Mt. St. Helens pumice rounded rock from the volcano are my prizes.

The last college class I failed was Rocks and Minerals/Mineralogy at the University of Nebraska my first attempt at college, third semester. I remberer a lot of minerals, mostly the pretty ones. But not enough for the course. Prof said I would have passed had I gone to more labs. Instead I played chess at the drugstore hangout across the street. I was VERY good at chess, definitely an "A" student there.

I wrote a book here, sorry. Finished though because Katrin is finished with her doggy duties. I'm sitting in my rocker on the back porch tending her.

Maude Lynn said...

Fascinating challenge, Margaret!

Kerry O'Connor said...

I don't know what it is about crystals that makes them so fascinating - I never tire of looking at them. Thank you for sharing your experiences, Margaret. You really do remind us that art happens all around us.

Sherry Blue Sky said...

I love this challenge, Margaret. I especially love amethyst and I have a couple of chunks of it. Have always been amazed at the beauty of these natural stones. Especially those tall ones that look like caves.

I am expecting to hit the road almost any son and daughter in law are picking me up for a road trip to visit relatives in Kelowna. Not sure if I have time to write anything, or make the rounds, but maybe when I get back. This summer has been all about family, have connected with every single person, so that is a good feeling. Hard to keep up online though with life so busy. I actually look forward to fall and winter so I can sit at my desk uninterrupted!

Margaret said...

Jim - Obviously you have a unique poem in you about this topic somewhere…

Sherry - Enjoy - just think of the poems that will come of your "summer of leisure" :)

Remember - I accept "late(er)" poems as Friday is always hectic - mine will probably be late as well :)

I STILL have to comment on past Artistic Interpretation challenges and will get on that. I DO appreciate all responses - as Sherry states above - life can get in the way of blogging sometimes!

Susan said...

Amazing photography! It enters the rocks' own artistry. I'll be back.

brudberg said...

Enchanting pictures.. I need to figure out something for this.. hmm

Anonymous said...

Gorgeous. Especially the Variscite.

Gail said...

All are amazingly beautiful.

I've posted. Thanks for the fun.

Lolamouse said...

A tad late, but I combined it with the Sunday challenge!