Thursday, November 24, 2016

Artistic Interpretations with Margaret - Carol Law Conklin Batik Artist

Moonlight Over Spring Art Fabric

Carol Law Conklin is a Batik Artist.  I have admired (and purchased) her creations and am in awe of her talent.  

Due to it being Thanksgiving in the USA, if we get low turnout I will repost this challenge the next time Artistic Interpretations comes around again.

From her website "Amity Farm Batik" she states "Batik, an ancient method of painting on fabric with wax and dyes, is my medium.  Nature, the seasons, farms and animals - especially horses - are my favorite themes.  The horse expresses so much flowing movement, dynamic tension, the striving of life.  Once the wax is heated it never stops flowing as it is applied with brushes to the fabric and also with the ancient tjanting tool (a copper or brass bowl with spout) that applies lines.  

I enjoy the sensuous flow of the wax, which has a will of its own, as it spreads into the cloth.  The beeswax and paraffin has special line effects and crackling qualities.  I am always excited by the magic of the wax and dyes when I iron the wax from the fabric."

She has an Etsy shop (which I am addicted) and she sells these and many more images than the sampling I have here in various forms and price tags.  Scarves, cutting boards, trivets, mouse pads, puzzles, fabric swatches, pillows, cards, prints, and her original (gorgeous) batiks.   

Her "Video Batik Tutorials" may be of interest as well - I know I find them fascinating.  They are (1) Applying the Wax; (2) Dye Baths; (3) Painting dye on the batik; (4) Ironing the Wax Out.

She is on Facebook and Instagram and can also be found on Fine Art America and Flickr.  I honestly cannot stress enough how enjoyable it is to peruse these websites - I got lost in them for over an hour ... 

Since Carol Law Conklin has been so gracious to allow us the use of the images on this page for this challenge, I am asking everyone to please link her website, Amity Farm Batik (and obviously her name) - along with your poem which is to be linked to Mr. Linky below.

I would LOVE for an original poem or a greatly re-vised older one.  I highly encourage using more  than one of these beautiful creations.  Please visit the other poets and enjoy!  I look forward to your Artistic Interpretations.

I apologize if I have offered far to many images to consider - I wanted to add 10 more!

Permission has been given for these images to be used in association ONLY WITH THIS CHALLENGE at Imaginary Garden with Real Toads.  

Click on each image to enlarge.

Unicorn & Phoenix Batik Print

Garden in Moonlight - Original Batik/Wax Painting

Crows Alone Batik fabric panel 

Horses Frolic on a Snowy Starry Night Silky Scarf

Mystical Garden Moon Mousepad

Lothlorien Enchanted Land Batik Print

Magical Birds - Art - Original Batik Painting

River Sunrise - Lothlorien - Large Giclee Print

Unicorn in Woods w/ Fox & Bird Swatch from
original batik "Last Unicorn"
Unicorns Take Castle Ceramic Tile Trivet

Beaked Dragon Flies Above the Sea Mirror Image Giclee Print

Hills Alive with Llamas - Fabric swatch
from original batik (I almost purchased these as
my Christmas cards - but went with her
"Horses Trot to the Christmas Tree" 

Summer North Wind - Cutting Boards Tempered Glass


Kim M. Russell said...

Margaret, these batik prints are gorgeous and it is so hard to choose one or several for inspiration. Wouldn't it be wonderful to have just one of these on a wall in your home!

Sanaa Rizvi said...

Hey everyone,

Hope you're having an amazing day so far❤️ sharing my poem "Garden of Verse" thank you Margaret for the wonderful opportunity; this one's for you!❤️

Lots of love,

Jim said...

Happy Thanksgiving, Margaret and Gang!!!
Beautiful prints. We have a couple of Batik prints of orchid blossoms that we picked up in Barbados. We visited a Batik fabric dying and sales place at another island, off the cuff I'd say St. Kitts. It was famous but we didn't buy anything there. Lots of Indian et all influence in the Carribeans. After dinner/lunch at Luby's I might get 'inspired' for you. Our H.E.B. Parade has finished and Macy's is about ready for Santa Clause. Our MxDonald's was way better than NYC Macy's.

Gillena Cox said...

These are awesome pieces and I must do a humble bow before stating that I practiced the craft of batik and tye dye a long time ago, selling tee shirts and fabric to friends, wow what a throwback these photos are for me. Now to write a poem. Will be back with my post.

much love...

brudberg said...

Took me some time, but I decided to do something on unicorns.

Helen said...

Art is spectacular!

Margaret said...

Sanaa Rizvi - I hope you received my comment -I tried posting but don't see it....

Margaret said...

Helen Patrice - I don't understand how to leave a comment under your poem...

Thank you all for participating on Thanksgiving Day here in the USA - sorry it took me so long to visit and comment.