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Thursday, November 17, 2016

Music With Meow

RUN THE JEWELS is New York City-based rapper/producer El-P and Atlanta-based rapper Killer Mike. I know some friends will be inspired by this extreme meowyness. Lyrics NSFW.

For those who are interested in less cat-centric, strong and timely social commentary, try these:

(Released November 9, 2016 with this note "for our friends. for our family. for everyone who is hurting or scared right now. here is a song we wrote months ago. we werent planning on releasing it yet but… well it feels right, now. it's about fear and it's about love and it's about wanting more for all of us. it's called 2100. we hope it finds you well. love, jaime and mike")

Close Your Eyes (And Count To F**k) 
Featuring Zack de la Rocha (of Rage Against the Machine)



Jim said...

Super Cat!! Pretty too. It's the rite time to release it, the video is to die for. Songs great too though it isn't my kind of music. Now what to write?

Eugene Uttley said...


Fireblossom said...

I hate hip hop, but love to write about cats!

Marian said...

Watch though! You'll be glad you did. MEOW!

Kerry O'Connor said...

Certainly unlike any video experience I've had before!

The Yum List said...

Oh that is really funny and cute at the same time!

Anonymous said...

That first video just frightened the kitten on my lap. True story. LOL

brudberg said...

Couldn't think about anything else than a fat cat and political implications.

Susie Clevenger said...

Wow! Interesting videos. I went political with my cats.