Wednesday, August 31, 2011


I thought it would be fun to look at some different jargons. I think they can add a lot to our poems. Reference books are a great source, think medical, math, scientific names of birds, flowers, and shells.
Do you remember these little books?  Pick two different jargons that appeal to you and pen a poem.
Fishing terms, geometry, gardening terms, computer, cycling, etc. ...whatever appeals.
Think of all the unique combos or you could chose two opposites and see how well you can bring them together. This could make some really interesting poems.  Here is one I wrote a while ago. My daughter was taking Geometry and she is interested in hair n' make up. I thought I would combine the two.  My husband is in the military and I love flowers, what a unique poem that could be?!
Outlined illusion
Cupid's bow pursed,
perimeters changed,
passion's natural rose smiles,
planes appear, saving face
hollow apples,crop dusted
windows encircled, uplifted soul
smoky drama arrives in
matte made dreams,
skin and bone extract the canvas
hair color highlights hinges of youth,
rusting under painted brow,
alluded light by degrees
emotion drawn on,
play the part,
light reflects the God given jewels,
softness sets against animated sun,
light danced when young,
time worn clouds appear.
elements erode,
concealed geometry
covers pieces of  YOU.     


Shauna said...

Love- play the part, matte made
dreams and cover pieces of you.

cool post.

Sherry Blue Sky said...

Beautiful, have captured the planes, angles and sharp edges of a young girl growing up.....pretty cool.

Hilary Melton-Butcher said...

Hi Ella .. love the creativity you've got here .. so many thoughts and patterns merging .. lovely to read .. hollow apples .... light reflects the God given jewels .. our fruits are so natural .. thanks - great poem .. Hilary

Ella said...

Thank you everyone!
Hilary-I enjoyed writing this one. My daughter loved it~Thank you :D

Sherry-I am working on the military terms and flowers...tough! Thank you so much. My daughter loved I blended both worlds.

Shauna-Thank you; I had thought about redoing it, adding more geometry, but I left it alone.

Marian said...

hi ella, i like your poem and your challenge! fun. thank you!

Kerry O'Connor said...

I have an idea for this challenge.. will see what transpires. Thanks Ella.

Ella said...

Marian-Thank you, can't wait to read yours :D

Kerry-I bet you do; I look forward to your take on this idea~

Kerry O'Connor said...

Can't stand spiders ;)

Susannah said...

Really nicely done Ella! :-)

Love the challenge too.