Saturday, February 11, 2012

Stripey The Cat Presents: Your Weekend Challenge

Dudes. It's me, Stripey the Cat, with a little help from my mom's friend Fireblossom. You see, my human is Talon, and she has a blog, and it is called Talon, too.  I told her to call it "Fish Skellies", but she didn't take my good advice. My mom mostly walks around with this big gadget that is for I don't know what. Fireblossom says it is a "camera". All I know is, I can't chase it or eat it. Fireblossom says it takes pictures. The picture at the top is of me, natch. Pardon me while I preen.

There are other pictures. Here is a picture of a really big snack.

Here is a picture of a really really large dog. Wait... Fireblossom says it is a "horse." Oh boy, she is going all goofy over it. What a girl. The things I have to put up with.

Here is candles. Up here in Canada, the power in our little log cabins goes off every time they have to light up Maple Leaf Gardens*. Mom says it blows the grid, or something. Then we need the candles, eh? (*the Air Canada Centre, now. But try to get a cat to change! --Fireblossom)

And this one is the moon. I like the moon. Humans can't see at night, and walk into stuff, and then I laugh cos I can see good. By the way, I am a good hunter. If any of you have mice or bugs or something that you want caught, call me on my cell.

Now I'm supposed to show you a pome. People say my mom is very good at them, but I am not sure what they are. I do know that they don't run away when you pounce at them. They just sort of sit there.

"Paraffin Bliss" by Talon

She's coloring outside the lines
feet tucked up on the chair
head bent to the task
golden hair curtain parting
over a vulnerable neck
purple trees with branches red
poke chunky green clouds
blotting a yellow sky
fingers clutch crayons so tight
purple red yellow green residue
stains fingers and masterpiece.

ktn © 2012

Okay. I have stuff to do, so let's wrap this up. Fireblossom wants you to:

1. Choose any of these five pictures of my mom's, and write a poem inspired by it. 

2. Make sure and say that my mom took the photograph!

3. Link back here, to The Imaginary Garden With Real Toads (and, today, a cat!)

4. Sign up, using the Linky, so that everybody can find your poem, cos humans can't smell worth diddly, and would never find it otherwise.

That's it! I have naps to take, and like that. Have fun! Love, Stripey.

5. (added by Fireblossom) This Linky is for posts having to do with Talon's photographs ONLY!!!!  


Mary Ann Potter said...

Your Majesty, I would be only too happy to respond to one of your mom's photos. After all, you said so. So I will. I have had the distinct privilege of being owned at one time by four cats with attitudes pretty much like yours: Ginger Victoria, Buckwheat Elizabeth, Spanky (Spud) Hilliard, and Trubble. I was at their beck and call for years. So I salute you, Your Catness, and will return later with a poem or two worthy of your perusal. Humbly, the dog and chicken owner (gasp!)- Mary Ann

Fireblossom said...

Talon, I love the sweet poem you chose to share with us, and you know I love your photography. I am excited to see what people will come up with!

Oh and...I love you, Stripey!

hedgewitch said...

Talon is a bright spot on the blogosphere rounds and her photography and poetry never fail to refresh my mind's eye. The enigmatic photo of the moon above seemed perfect for a rather dark little faerie tale. Thanks, Talon, for letting us use your work, and to Fireblossom, for her amazing ability to understand the language of cats.

TALON said...

Thank you, Shay, and thank you Mary Ann and hedgewitch. I am excited to see what transpires and it goes without saying that Stripey is totally nosy. :)

Thankfully, neither Riley nor Charlie (the lowly dogs - lol) or Missy (Stripey's sister) are the jealous types! :)

Brian Miller said...

smiles...talon is def a bright spot in the blogosphere...her pictures and words are always looked forward to...and she is a great skellies would be a great title too...smiles.

Kay L. Davies said...

Thanks, Talon, and thanks, Shay, for today's photos and Stripey's words. I enjoyed it all, but forgot to mention how much I enjoyed Talon's poem. I know little girls just like that! Wonderful!

Fireblossom said...

Mine is up. When I was a teeny bopper, there was a popular poster that said "War is not healthy for children and other living things." The innocent victims of war have always disturbed me the most. So I wrote a poem about that.

Maude Lynn said...

Oh, Talon, I can't tell you how much I love that poem!

I'll get to work! Thanks Talon, Stripey, and Stripey Interpreter!

Scarlet said...

Hi Shay,

I have posted but used another picture from Talon's blog.

Thanks Talon for sharing your beautiful pictures with us.

my heart's love songs said...

gorgeous photographs! a fun prompt post, Ms Fireblossom! i'll try to come up with something, but i made the mistake of already reading yours, Shay. {i may never write again....}

{{side note~ non-google i.d. commenters cannot use this comment form unless the word verification is disabled.}}

Laurie Kolp said...

Nice to meet you Talon... maybe I'll meet you under the moon.

Teresa said...

So glad to have you share your human's amazing photography and poetry here.

Susie Clevenger said...

Love Talon's poem...I can picture my girls when they were young...Also kudos for all the wonderful photos. I chose Stripey as my photo challenge...Thanks Shay for giving Stripey a voice.

P.S. I was not sure of Stripey's gender...If it should be "he" I have included an apology. :)

Kerry O'Connor said...

Many thanks to Shay for standing in for me in such an original and fun way, and to Talon for allowing us to put her wonderful images to use.
I've had an exhausting weekend but I'm home now and intend to catch up with all the poems posted here, and on Marian's Friday prompt.. Don't know if I'll be up to writing myself, but I may well be..

Margaret said...

I had a hard time choosing, and finally selected the Great Blue Heron. My "snowbird" in-laws consider these birds an everyday occurrence, and for most southerner's who live near the water, perhaps they are. I still find them awe inspiring and I marvel as they fly over my head and wade in the water, usually keeping a wary eye on me, trying not to be too noisy or bothersome!

Loved that handsome cat's attitude... I have two just as regal and funny as he!

Thank you Talon and Fireblossom for an entertaining introduction to this weekend's challenge.

Margaret said...

Oh.... And Paraffin bliss really captures my heart! It describes my oldest daughter to a "T". She learned to read and do math only because I allowed her to color the pictures when she was done. (middle of second grade I finally figured how to motivate her!). Now she is in a boarding school (a college University) for her Junior year in high school in a prestigious Visual Arts program.

p.s. Her favorite color is probably still "rainbow"!

Mary B. Mansfield said...

What amazing photographs to pick from! Hope I was able to pen something worthy of Stripey's approval (and I'm quite glad my four feline furbabies allowed me enough time once again to compose anything at all!)

Mary said...

Finally accomplished this! Better late than never is my motto of the evening. I will be visiting several tonight, as I watch the Grammies!

TALON said...

Thank you so much, Brian. :)

And thank you, Kay. I'm glad you liked the poem. It was based on a memory of my daughter when she was little.

Shay, your poem was magnificent and so true - the innocent victims suffer so.

Mama Zen, thank you. Your poem was gorgeous!

Heaven, thank you so much.

my heart's love songs on wordpress, so true - Shay's a hard act to follow :)

Laurie, lovely to meet you and thank you so much!

Teresa, thank you - Stripey does love the limelight, I think! ;)

Susie, thank you. That poem was from a memory of my daughter when she was a little girl :) Hey, you made Stripey into royalty which he thinks is only proper :)

Kerry, thank you.

Margaret, thank you so much! That's neat about your daughter and the connection to the coloring. Hey, rainbow is an awesome favorite color :)

Mary Mansfield, Stripey was delighted. :) Thank you!

Mary, hope you enjoyed the Grammies and thank you so much.

Thank you all. Thank you to Shay for asking me to share some photos and a poem. This was really neat. Usually I am the only one who takes inspiration from my photographs so this was a pure delight. What a wonderful community you have here. Stripey thanks you, too. :)

Anonymous said...

I seem to be getting more and more behind in my responses to prompts... this one I've been mooning over for a while ;)

Ella said...

Wonderful photos Talon! The moon one is whispering to me~