Wednesday, November 26, 2014

November Get Listed - Travel

Los Angeles



New York. All images (c) by author

I’m traveling, if that’s the right word to describe being in a place not my home.

Virgin flight 162 departed on time from LAX, destination Newark, but really destination Philadelphia, where work awaits a world away from the ever-dry California coast. (It turns out I should have flown to Philly, because I added 4 hours of train to a 5 hour flight...)

The pilot said it was 8 degrees in Philly. But clear, at least. Temperature at takeoff from LA, even early morning, was 62. I think I’ll need new gloves.

Current track: Please Read the Letter, by Alison Krauss, featuring Robert Plant. Virgin America's available playlist on the onboard jukebox is surprisingly broad.

from Youtube, Fair Use

Below, red dirt ignores the difference between Arizona and New Mexico, because borders don’t exist until we place them there, and the land pays attention to the passing of the sun more than the shadow of a plane.

Your word list for November, inspired by seat 24A looking north out the window:

fly, race, skew, waiting, strangers, clouds, dirt, shadows, horizon, contour, relief, scale

Please select at least 3 words from the list (or reasonable variations) and incorporate them into a new pen.

After you’ve posted to your own blog, return and add a link to your specific post (not just a link to your blog) using Mr. Linky, below. Then, visit and re-visit your fellow poets' work, and please leave comments at their places – because we all like to read letters.

I'll plan to visit later in the week, so feel free to join in anytime, and thanks for reading and participating.

~ Grapeling


Unknown said...

The photos are really beautiful ma'm.

Marcoantonio Arellano (Nene) said...

Hola, amigos y amigas

...skew, strangers, shadows...

Fireblossom said...

Cool post; you should give it a title! I look forward to writing for this.

Grandmother Mary said...

This spun me in a wholly unexpected direction. The words did it.

Archer's Bones said...

I so love Robert Plant!

Thanks for the inspiration. :)

grapeling said...

Shay, thanks for the reminder. I'm having significant issues with commenting - and now see word verification here, though it's not enabled. Odd.

Looking forward to reading the responses ~ M

Kerry O'Connor said...

Amazing photos of an iconic journey across the States. I hope your time spent in Philly is very successful.

Kerry O'Connor said...

It seems that my poetry has become a matter of form in an effort to keep writing through my writer's shut-down. Thanks for supplying words with rich associations, M.

Anonymous said...

Thank you, M, for cool list and wonderful photos. I have something that I hope to be able to get up tomorrow. A lot of family things going on right now--all good--but I am a bit behind. Thanks much and, as Kerry said, hope you had a nice trip and are back in warm LA now! There is a foot of snow where I am! k.

Helen said...

Safe travels ... dug this one out of the vault, contained three of your words! Back to the kitchen and the turkey! Happy Day.

Hannah said...

I used some of these in two tanka that are posted separately.

Thank you for the images and words, M.

Happy day of thanks and giving to all! :)