Saturday, November 22, 2014

Play it Again, Toads! #11

Welcome to the 11th "Play it Again, Toads!" where we revisit the archived challenges of the Imaginary Garden with Real Toads.  Choose your own (the archive is on the sidebar 2011 - 2014) or select from three I highlight below.

You may use my photos of children's artwork from my daughter's school or use your own - but please combine them with an archived challenge.  You may choose to do more than one challenge if you are so inclined.

Original poems only and link your specific post to Mr. Linky below.  Make it clear which challenge you are resurrecting by including a link.  Thank you, and I look forward to reading your poems.

1)   Kenia's Wednesday Challenge - a philosophical challenge

2)  Sunday Mini-Challenge - dolls interpreted (part 1)
    and Sunday Mini-Challenge - dolls revisited (part 2)

3)  A Toad's Favo(u)rite poem - a look at writing poetry aka Diane di Prima (in her own words:  "Well, nobody's done it quite this way before but fuck it, that's what I'm doing, I'm going to risk it."  This was not originally a challenge, but I think it is fun to revisit it and make it one.


Kerry O'Connor said...

Thanks, Margaret. What great challenges to revisit and the art is superb.

Hannah said...

I agree...thank you, Margaret!

Margaret said...

I do love children's art. I often find it quite poetic.

Anonymous said...

Wonderful art, Margaret. I did a poem from Kenia's challenge, which I may let rest over night and post tomorrow--I'll see--and maybe it will fit with a pic! Anyway, thanks for doing two days in a row! k.

Margaret said...

Well, thanks to the ever-vigilant Kerry, she had to tap me on the shoulder as I got a bit confused with the challenges being back to back. But I rallied :)

Jim said...

I too love the art here. Thank you. I used Challenge # 1) and had to fit a different picture in.

brudberg said...

A wonderful.. and I think I could combine a little from the Dolls and Kenia's challenge.. The past challenge is a real treasure chest to pick from.. (I might have used a little from my own prompt on defamiliarization as well.. I love the paintings as well.. there are so much to choose from.

Magaly Guerrero said...

What gifted children. Love the colors and the visions they spark in my mind.

I was taken by the first challenge. I woke up in a philosophical sort of mind.

Great Sunday, everyone!

Susie Clevenger said...

Amazing art and inspiration Margaret

Margaret said...

Thanks everyone! If you post late, I will be back to read it.

Helen said...

Margaret, I simply could not stay away ... between dual rehearsals yesterday I found a few minutes to revisit your Doll Art.

Guess I'm not quite through with poetry in 2014!

The play isn't going as well as I had hoped .. too many novice actors and folks who cannot seem to sing on key! (hopefully they will not see this comment)