Saturday, April 25, 2015

Turning Pink

Hi everyone ~   In my part of the world, we are awaiting the pink cherry blooms in the park, and the winter chill to finally leave us.   I definitely have the pink color in my mind. Here's a list poem on pink I came across which I hope will spark some pink ideas for your pen.

Pink Dawn, Aurora Pink, Misty Pink, Fresh Pink, Natural Pink, Country
Pink, Dusty Pink, Pussywillow Pink, Pink Heather, Pink Peony, Sunflower
Pink, Plum Pink, Peach of a Pink, Raspberry Pink, Watermelon Pink, Pink
Lemonade, Bikini Pink, Buoy Buoy Pink, Sea Shell Pink, Pebble Pink, Pink
Piper, Acapulco Pink, Tahiti Beach Pink, Sunny Pink, Hot Pink, Sizzling Pink,
Skinnydip Pink, Flesh Pink, Transparent Pink, Breezy Pink, Sheer Shiver
Pink, Polar Bare Pink, Pink Frost, Frosty Pink, Frost Me Pink, Frosted Pink,
Sugarpuff Pink, Ice Cream Pink, Lickety Pink, Pink Melba, Pink Whip,
Pinkermint, Sweet Young Pink, Little Girl Pink, Fragile Pink, Fainting Pink,
Helpless Pink, Tiny Timid Pink, Wink of Pink, Shadow of Pink, Tint of Pink,
Shimmer of Pink, Flicker of Pink, Pink Flash, E.S. Pink, Person-to-Person
Pink, City Pink, Penny Lane Pink, Pink Paisley, London Luv Pink, Pretty Pink,
Pastel Pink, Pinking Sheer, Pink Piqué, Pink Silk, Plush Pink, Lush Iced Pink,
Brandied Pink, Sheer Pink Champagne, Candlelight Pink, Fluffy Moth Pink,
Softsilver Pink, Pinkyring, Turn Pale Pink, A Little Pink, Pinker, Pinkety Pink,
Heart of Pink, Hug that Pink, Passionate Pink, Snuggle Pink, Pink-Glo!,
Happy-Go-Pink, Daredevil Pink, By Jupiter Pink, Stark Raving Pink, Viva La

Our prompt today is to write a new poem or prose poem using the word pink in the title or verses.   Write in free verse or form, the choice is yours.  Here's wishing you all a good Saturday & happy weekend ~  Grace (aka Heaven)


grapeling said...

Hope it's warmer where you are. Cheeks pink from cold on the Jersey shore today. Working long hours so will be by later. ~

Grace said...

Today the sun is out & the day looks bright M ~ I love seeing that you and Brendan are firsts in my prompt today ~

Anonymous said...

This definitely had the muse all excited, but I'm afraid the tool she used to get the job done (aka me) thought it hard to find words today. Great prompt!

Grace said...

Hey CC, we wrote about the same theme ~

I will be out doing errands for my son's wedding next month ~ I will be back later to read and return your visits ~

Happy Saturday ~

Sanaa Rizvi said...

Hello everyone,

Its a beautiful day and I am so glad to be sharing this poem today - Grace, this one is for you! :D

Thank you for the lovely prompt!

Lots of love,

Grace said...

Thank you for the lovely share Sanaa ~ Enjoy your day too ~

Marian said...

Isn't that a fun pink poem!?!? Love it. I'm one poem behind and we shall see what I can come up with this weekend!! xo to you Grace, hope it's warming up for you.

brudberg said...

I have been working with prompts and doing my tax returns.. no sonnet for this prompt.. but pink for sure.

Jim said...

This was a fun prompt, Grace. Doesn't quite make me want to search for Bruce Jennings likings in my soul, but almost.
I loved it (I wore PINK in the old days, dress up to church even.)

Anonymous said...

This did tickle my fancy. Pink!

Hannah said...

Hi!! Thank you for the challenge, Grace...I was stumped for awhile and now I'm short on time...going to listen to some live music tonight...catch up with yesterday and today's comments very soon friends...thank you all so much! :)

Rosemary Nissen-Wade said...

I had fun with this one!

Susie Clevenger said...

I couldn't seem to write a single poem so I strung together pink thoughts of spring.

Grace said...

Hey everyone ~ Thanks for the lovely responses ~

Outlawyer said...

tired tired! Thanks thanks! k.

Outlawyer said...

Hey Grace-- still editing th poem! ha. Will try to visit people tomorrow. k.