Tuesday, May 26, 2015

The Tuesday Platform

It’s Tuesday! C’mon in, the patio is yours. We Toads invite you to share your poetry with us.

Long or short, old or new, it’s up to you. Remember that links in the Garden do not expire, so feel free to link up on Wednesday or later in the week. And please do take some time during the week to read the work of other participants. We all value feedback on our work from other writers; it is how we grow, blossom, and thrive.

So, bring us your blooms! We look forward to reading your poems.


Sanaa Rizvi said...

Good morning everyone :D

Hope you all are doing well, sharing my poem "Love" which was composed earlier this month for "Music with Marian." Hope you guys like it :D

I have a double shift at work today so I will be back to read and comment later tonight :) Till then take care :D

Lots of love,

Marcoantonio Arellano (Nene) said...

good morning. hope everyone had a good weekend or days spent with love, family and friends. this is one i wrote in april, my birthday month, when i was melancholy. hope you appreciate...my friend and me

brudberg said...

Hi there.. I share a poem written for Magpie Tales.. hope you like it.

Marian said...

Good morning, friends! Can't wait to read your offerings. I could use some inspiration.

cosmos cami said...


Sanaa Rizvi said...

Hey I'm back :D

Heading straight to visiting each of your lovely poems! Its been a hell of a day..

Outlawyer said...

Hi Marian--thanks. k.