Thursday, December 24, 2015

Get Listed, Solstice Edition

The Message - Grandmaster Flash & the Furious Five

America is Waiting - Byrne / Eno

The big thing happened again, like it does every year:

Daylight started crawling higher, unless you've drifted below the line (where Kerry lives) and the reverse is true.

So for this month's Get Listed, the theme is changing direction.

As a reminder, please write a new poem, using at least 3 of the following words (or reasonable variants thereof), post it to your blog, then link to the poem using Mr. Linky, below.

After posting, please return and visit your fellow author's pieces, commenting if you would: what better gift than to let someone know you're paying attention?

The list: reverse, corner, turn, bottom, peak, edge, limit, choose, bend, close, push, sleep

And the reversal, if you will: do NOT use the words "new," "change" or "direction" (or variants / tenses derived therefrom), because bah humbug.

Thanks for playing, and hope you have a good new year !

~ M

Elbow: This Blue World - Charge, The Takeoff and Landing of Everything


Kerry O'Connor said...

Thanks, Michael. This is a great challenge!

grapeling said...

Hey y'all! The link will remain open - please feel free to return over the weekend and next week, since many will be busy with family or drinking "eggnog" or what not. I'm working crazed hours through the 4th of January so will be back to read and comment when I can.

Thanks, Kerry, for another filled year, and for being the consummate host. May your days be bright and nights filled with stars... ~

Helen said...

Happy Holidays, Toads!

Fireblossom said...

Very cool Get Listed! I am eager to try my hand at this one, but it will have to be tomorrow, because, Christmas Eve tonight. :-)

Outlawyer said...

Hey mIchael, so busy right now but saw your poem and will think about the prompt. K.

Gillena Cox said...


much love...

hedgewitch said...

Love this one Michael--it got me to drag myself away from the pie and ice cream for a few minutes anyway--thanks and a happy yule to all.

Magaly Guerrero said...

Our Solstice celebration was a few days ago, so today I can catch up (I still need to visit people from an earlier posting).

Love the list.

Happy Holidays, everyone!

Anonymous said...

I hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas and I want to thank everyone for being here. Thanks, Michael.